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Going back to my old Rock Band DLC lets me know how much my taste in music has changed in the past few years. A nice trip down memory lane I guess.

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It's always really nice and helpful to me to see people publicly talking about their struggles with mental health. Thanks a lot, Alex!

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Patrick and Alex have both posted about it on twitter, which is where those discussions should be kept.

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one of my favourite things about Dan is that he seems to be better at video games than the rest of the crew, and he's the best/worst person to beat them in multiplayer games.

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Mario Party Party 2: We Shouldn't Have Hired Dan.

I love you Dan. the first Mario Party Party alone made my $50 subscription worth it

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@demokk said:

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FFS what is wrong with doing something nice for someone else?

It is a weird grey area that we won't get any closer to solving in this discussion. However, I do get why some people are not supportive of it. Regardless of the actual amount of money involved, the idea of privileged people giving resources to even more privileged people with such enthusiasm while being indifferent towards so many other worse things that happen on a daily basis is kind of bittersweet.

He said he'll give the money to Child's Play if he doesn't need it.

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I thought the shots and quick camera movement to close-ups of the dudes' faces during the Mario Party video was pretty funny. Jason's getting more comfortable with the set-up already.

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I recently signed up for a premium membership after not having one for about seven months and the first video I watched was the Mario Party one. That alone was worth $50. One of the best videos Giant Bomb has ever done.

Thank you Dan Ryckert.

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the main problem, I think, is that too many developers treat Kinect as an alternative to the Wii Remote, but the Kinect doesn't react the same way, it doesn't have the same tactile input. It's like that old comparison of apples and oranges. Developers keep trying to make apple pie when all the have are oranges, and it doesn't work.

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I'm pretty sure that the Mario Tennis and Golf games on the GBA are similarly RPG-esque and story based. I don't know of any other games like them though.