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Everything that happens after the Dahlia murders in L.A. Noire is complete garbage.

And I just played through Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands and that one falls into the "GAME'S OVER, GOOD NIGHT, HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT" type of sudden ending (Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Kane and Lynch, etc.), though it has an added, completely unnecessary post-credits narration that doesn't actually tell you anything. But that's fine, dumb (but fun) games are allowed to have dumb endings, I don't mind. It's games that start really strong and then just fall apart (L.A. Noire, Max Payne 3 comes close) that irk me. So disappointing!

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This sucks whether you like the Prototype games or not (I love them both). Good luck, guys.

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@Hamz said:

So when they finally decide to make a gritty mature themed Star Wars game they opt to go for a bounty hunter themed game instead of having some serious lightsaber decapitation action!?

You can always use cheat codes in the console of Jedi Outcast and turn on lightsaber dismemberment. Stormtrooper body parts everywhere!

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@ProfessorEss said:

I saw in the theater.

Me too! A couple of times, actually. Hard to overstate how mind blowing the film was at the time. It's still impressive, but in 1988? Unbelievable.

@leebmx said:

There was legendarily supposed to be this bit where when the car crashed if you paused the tape you would be able to see right up Jessica Rabbits skirt, me and my friends never managed to find it though.

You could only do it with the Laserdisc, which I happen to have, so everyone come over and we'll look at Jessica Rabbit's crotch.

Also, Donald Duck never says the n-word, that is the dumbest urban legend. You have to really want to hear him say that to discern it in the slightest.

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Hate to break it to you, but he's wrong.  
DLC released after the release of RB3 (anything after October 2010) is only compatible in Rock Band 3. So while the older Iron Maiden pack will work in RB2, the newest one (Maiden Epics) only works in RB3. 
It's a totally different file format, with keys and harmonies and such and RB2 doesn't know how to read it. So nothing from RB3 forward works in previous games.

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Aww, come on. Ain't just posting it and running, man. Gaming related, said something about it, thought people would enjoy it...

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Okay, clearly the Giant Bomb community, all of us such fans of the Farming Simulator series of video games, will enjoy the incredible displays of skill and swagger this fine video illustrates.

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For real, I just cried laughing for two minutes straight. Now I need to go watch the Quick Look again. Also, this seems to have been created just for Ryan. Dubstep and everything.

Seriously, which one of you made this?

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If you haven't played Halo before, get the Anniversary edition of the first game. It's still great.

I'm a huge fan of Reach, and ODST is very underrated. Honestly, I don't think you can go wrong. All of the modern Halo games are worth playing.

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I am a "rarely interested in multiplayer" sort of guy, but ME3 multiplayer was easily the best part of the game. I liked the campaign all right, but I had the most fun in multiplayer.