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A very simple real world example of a song that, while not difficult in Rock Band, is a much more difficult chart than in real life.  

About 40 seconds in, it hits the chorus riff. Not too tough, but your fingers are doing a lot of chords and they move quickly. On a real guitar, this is in drop-D and you can play the whole thing with just a one finger per chord. It's very easy, even for beginners to learn. This is much harder. 
Any song that is based on acoustic fingerpicking is also usually more difficult in Rock Band.  
I hate the superiority complex people get about real guitar vs. Rock Band guitar. I play both, enjoy both, and both are different. Looking down on Rock Band or Guitar Hero as "not real guitar" is like scoffing at Call of Duty because it's "not real killing people." 
Anyway, the only thing missing in my life is Pink Floyd: Rock Band or equivalent DLC. If you think such a game would be boring, it is you, sir, who are boring.
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Any artistic work is "copyrighted" the second its created. What you're really asking is "Can I use this music in my film without paying money for it?" and that would require contacting the copyright holder (Jeff). Something being free to download doesn't mean that it's okay to use it commercially, or even non-commercially. Ask Jeff. If you can't reach him, don't use it.

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Seriously, guys? I have to be the one to do this?

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Har har at both G4 and UFC.

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@TooWalrus said:

If all you want is the Halo 1 multiplayer, just pick up the PC version. Problem solved.

I was getting ready to post the exact same thing. That game will play on practically any PC or laptop you throw it on at this point, and you can still buy at any Best Buy around.
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Visuals look neat from the screenshots I saw. Too bad Deepak Chropra is full of shit.

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One video left to watch, the daily wrap-ups counted for me this week. Now I can't get that last video to trigger the quest, no matter which video I try (wrap-up, interview, trailer, etc.). =(

EDIT: Never mind, it popped. Looks like it was looking for E3 wrap-ups/interviews videos that were posted during E3, not just shot during E3.

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I've had the same problem on other Flash videos around the Internet. I think it's a Flash bug more than a Giant Bomb-specific issue. Just my experience.

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Agreed with @Sparky_Buzzsaw. Portal 2 with Bulletstorm deserving a mention (very much to my surprise).

L.A. Noire's final act was so incredibly shoddy and disappointing narratively that it's not even a contender. =(

Most of the best games I've played this year came out last year (New Vegas, Civ V...)

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The fact that you can do this via emulation on the PC means that there are few reasons Nintendo couldn't have included it. Many of the higher-res textures are already on disc.