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@MordeaniisChaos: Is that what it is? Hmm. That's always what drew me to the song (I like Modeselektor fine, but I'm not like a huge fan - I mostly just love that tune). I think the vocal editing is just incredible, and I wanted something that felt cut up and glitchy so I could mess with the editing of the footage as much as possible. But, yeah, I guess that sort of electronic music could be a little foreign to some. Interesting. 
But thanks!!
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I'd like one a month (at the same quality) please. All with Ezio. Stick it in my veins.

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I love Far Cry 2 almost unconditionally. $5 is criminal. Get it.

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Google ads blocked and logged out of my paid account and I can watch videos fine. What are you talking about? 



Can we deport OP to IGN?

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Actually, I'm glad it was mostly character actors. Anyone famous showing up would be distracting.

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@Skullking: Whatever you say, man.
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Really, everybody? That many people are unfamiliar with noise and drone as musical genres? Like, Jesus, be nice. This is music, whether you like it or not. And whether you enjoy it or not. Even if he was trolling, it's still music
So, yeah, I genuinely like a good bit of what you posted, man, nice job. I used to listen to a lot more stuff like it about ten years ago, but I'll look you up on What for sure. If everyone liked it, you'd be doing something wrong, so keep it up.  
  @Skullking said:

i'm sorry but using old crapily recorded "noise" and messing with it to make unpleasant sounds isn't music

Yes it is.
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@Undeadpool said:

@drhans: Haw! That was AWESOME! Music wasn't really to my taste, but your editing skills are incredible and more than made up for it.

Thanks! I appreciate it. That seems to be the way the opinions run on the video. You either love it completely, enjoy it despite the music, or don't get more than 10 seconds into it because of the music. Wasn't expecting that sort of reaction, but whatever's cool, haha. =)
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Major props for including Up.

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@Metal_Mills said:
@thegoldencat7 said:
Everything seeems a bit oversized. Its all up in my face and what-not.
Totally agree. It needs to be dropped down a size or two.
I LOVE the new design overall, but I do agree that the font size overall seems one tick too big. When I Ctrl + - (or mouse wheel) one step down in Chrome, the size of everything feels a bit more comfortable and manageable to me. But that's mostly a personal preference and it's no big deal. In terms of the actual layout, I love it.