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I've been figuring for weeks that PSN trophy syncing is just fully busted, but I'm seeing other people on the site who it seems to be working fine for. Mine was working a couple months ago, but then it stopped syncing (manually or automatically), and deleting the profile and re-adding it just throws me into "Still Building..." hell and nothing ever happens. I haven't changed my settings or anything, and since it seems to be working for other folks, I wonder what's up (or if I'm doing something wrong).

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My ME2 save mysteriously vanished, so I created a new character and chose the vague "multiple people died" option. Miranda just showed up, even though she died in my ME2 playthrough as well. Sorta weird, but it's interesting to meet some new characters.

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Not the biggest ME superfan or anything (I was disappointed in ME2), but I bought it on a whim before I started the game, so I played it early on and really enjoyed it. It's short, but the actual story content you get is really great. I've been taking Javik everywhere, dude deserves some revenge. And Javik has a lot of dialog about what goes on during the rest of the game if you keep him around. Great stuff.

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I have it installed and have been super happy with the loading times, especially compared to ME2. I was very surprised.

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Well, my ME2 save game vanished into thin air, so I rebelled. Instead of my Soldier dude, I went full Adept lady with purple hair. Best decision ever. I'm only rocking a pistol and I'm just throwing and warping dudes likes mad (even in multiplayer). Super fun.

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See, now that would be awesome DLC! I would pay for that and probably play most of the game all over again!!

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I'm interested, I enjoyed the Medal of Honor campaign, but yeah, that title.

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Jet Set Radio Future is where it's at, but this rules regardless.