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I think Worthington is pretty bland, generally speaking, but I didn't hear the Australian accent in him come out, and I thought he did a pretty good job. With all the other, awful voice actors of the world they could have gotten, he did just fine. The constant "AARRRRGGGH THE NUMBERS" sort of yelling didn't feel too over the top, so maybe his blandness helped reign the more overly dramatic stuff in. Anyway, yeah. He was okay.

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They leave it pretty open to interpretation. I wouldn't worry about the actual answer to your question, since there really is none. Draw your own conclusions! =)

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PC multiplayer is fun so far, though I got into a Gun Game match on an official Treyarch server just now and the connection issues were so bad, that everyone dropped out and I won 3,000 CP.  So, no complaints?
Seems like multiplayer is having some issues at the moment, but outside of that Wager match, everything's worked fine for me and it's a lot of fun. 
And I don't even mind getting killed by the RC car. That thing is hilarious.

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I don't much care for nearly every song from the last decade in the game (exceptions for Lasso, No One Knows, a couple others), but most are pretty fun to actually play, so no real complaints there. 
But for me, it's probably Need You Tonight that's the worst. I've always hated INXS and playing that song in Rock Band has not changed anything. Oh, and Rock Lobster, another song I don't like, NEVER ENDS. Ugh. 
Overall, though, I think they did a nice job with the soundtrack. A little too heavy on newer stuff, but that's cool. 
@Timma1083: How can you hate Outer Space?!?!?!? That song is the bestest.

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@RsistncE said:
" I think us GB users could organize our own Black Ops TNT on the PC, since I'm pretty sure Jeff meant Thursday. Someone PM me if you're interested! "
I was gonna say, let's just have our own PC TNT. I'm in!
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Dance Central has it right. Why even let my hand hover to part of the screen where there's nothing to select? 
That's, I think, the main Kinect UI's biggest problem. It treats the hand too much like a mouse. I mean, over 90% of the screen has nothing for me to actually click or interact with. So why give me the option? Dance Central's menus are completely intuitive and they feel really nice.

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Played a little bit of this last night. A few things:
1. It's adorable
2. The game is colorful and pretty, but the graphics are definitely not Pixar quality. Don't get your hopes up in that area. 
3. It's way more of an actual game with a story than you'd expect.  
4. It's adorable.

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It should be noted that that's how much they earned IN THE FIRST MONTH. The Mann Co. update came out September 30.  
Granted, a lot of people probably bought a bunch of stuff right away and won't buy the same items again, but damn. Valve is the best.

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This is pretty fun so far. Only a couple stages in, but it's cool. My five-year-old son is a big old-school Sonic fan and is going to love it. Sonic sometimes feels a little sluggish, not as light and quick to accelerate as the original games, but it's not all that bothersome. Each stage feels really large, especially vertically, so it looks like there's a good amount to explore. Looking forward to playing it some more this weekend. 

And I'm not ignoring your question, @FreakAche, I'm just not the best guy to answer it.