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Think what you want, but I play Alpha on Peaceful. The survival aspect can be pretty fun, but I enjoy building. And not just building, but building things out of things that I also built. That's more satisfying to me than playing another game with zombies in it.   
No one's misunderstanding anything. The game lets you play it however you want. Turn on the zombies and call it a survival game if you'd like, that's cool. But don't act like people who don't are somehow doing it wrong.

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Mine just arrived down here in Orlando, Florida.

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@dankempster said:
" @drhans: Based on your description of your experience with The Saboteur, it sounds like Just Cause 2 might offer the kind of experience you're looking for. That game has a metric ton of stuff to blow up long after the main story missions are over. It's on PC, 360 and PS3, and a sizeable demo can be downloaded from Steam, LIVE and PSN respectively, so it might be worth looking into. "
Haha, YES.  That's another good example. I'm not actually looking to play anything like The Saboteur, just wondering aloud. However, I did S-rank Just Cause 2 PC earlier this year, so I definitely agree with you. =)
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@SSValis said:
" its pretty fun being a complete scumbag in ME2 the second time around. "
Ah, that's true! 
 @BulletproofMonk said:
" I disagree on The Saboteur. I had no interest in playing after finishing it. There was really nothing interesting to do, except whoring a few trophies. "

I can totally understand that, but for whatever reason, the running around of Paris without worrying about story stuff is super fun for me. 
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So I took my time beating The Saboteur earlier this year, mainly because I wasn't really sure how much I was enjoying myself. Pretty neat little open world game, but I never really felt drawn back to it once I turned it off. However, I discovered that once I had actually completed the main story, that was when the game really started to be fun. I had all the weapons I needed, great cars in the garage, most of the perks, and hey, there are about a billion things to go out there and blow up.

It got me wondering if there are any other games out there like that. Obviously they'd have to be a certain kind of game- open-world in nature- and one that would let you keep playing and exploring after finishing the story. Assassin's Creed II is about the closet thing I can think of, as I went feather collecting and such after the story was done, but that's still not quite the same feeling as I got with The Saboteur, as I actively loved AC2 all the way through. The Saboteur only got super fun after finishing the story.
Any other games you've played where you felt like that or is my experience with The Saboteur here unique?

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For me, the videos are running okay, speed-wise, but anytime I do ANYTHING else in another browser window while watching a video (T1 connection at work), the audio pops and stutters constantly. This only started happening after the update for Flash player that Adobe pushed out yesterday, and it's happening in every browser. Not sure if it's related. 

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Captain EO premiered at Disneyland in 1986 so 1986 wins.  
That being said, 1982 was sort of badass.
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Ahh, gotcha. I only played the single player Halo 2, and a long time ago at that, so that makes sense. In Reach that combo is completely indispensable (especially on Legendary), but I forgot about the dual wielding in previous games, so that makes sense.


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Okay, so can someone explain the etymology of the "noob combo" to me? I would think the "noob" thing to do would be to waste all your ammunition trying to take someone down. What is exactly is "noob" about ammo conservation, strategic thinking, and efficiency?

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Yes. My NAT settings are open and over the past couple days I've had my entire team disappear, but it keeps me in the game (and I'm still online). This actually helped me get some Firefight challenges today, since I was the only one left to kill anybody.