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Just finished it. So nice to see that achievement pop.

Not sure what the hardest part was. I found every single encounter easier than my first playthrough on Heroic. (This is coming from someone who'd only played ODST and 3 on Normal). But I did get stuck at the very last area before the gun with basically NO ammo at all. Worked HARD to get out of that situation, but it's really just all about patience.

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Any and all fighting games. My son DESTROYS me at Super Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV, no matter how hard I try.  
My son is five.

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Dear Citizens of Reach, 
If you do not wish to be shot at point blank range through the head, please do not step in front of my gun as I am firing. Cowering in fear or wandering aimlessly just a few inches from where the bullets are leaving my weapon not only prevents me from hitting my target (namely the aliens invading your lovely planet), but tends to result in the death you seem so desperate to otherwise avoid. Staying behind me as I'm unloading my clip not only keeps you breathing this fresh Reach air for a few minutes longer, it also boosts my chances of not having to go back and fight those goddamn brutes with the fuel rod cannons again just because a brainless woman decided the safest place to be in this sort of situation is as close as possible to the business end of a sophisticated industrial death delivery device. And then maybe, just maybe, we can all make it out of here together, alive.  
Thanks for your time. 
Noble Six

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@ohnobruno said:
" @ShaneDev: The end of Exodus is exactly where I'm at right now in my Legendary playthrough.  Everytime I get that last Brute's shield down I get hit with his goddamn Fuel Rod Cannon or he sticks me with some mircale throw of a plasma grenade.   That happened a few times in a row and I got impatient - getting killed by Jackals rushing to him - so I turned it off, hoping to finish it after work today.   "
I did Exodus last night (on Legendary). The last section on the beach took a while, but there are tools around that can definitely help you. As you face the building, on the far left side by the battery, there's a sniper rifle you could use. And, by the other battery, there's an Active Camo sitting around with some other weapons. So if you can't snipe from a distance, grab a heavy weapon off the ground or some grenades and sneak up on that last Brute. I recommend heading up the stairs on the very far right (again, as you're facing the building). Good luck!
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This is like that "hoax" with the girl who "quit her job" via whiteboard and photographs. It's not a hoax if you go "haha, jk" a couple days later. 
It's getting them attention and they're still open. That's cool and I'm happy for them. And I understand they don't have, like, a serious marketing budget, etc. But they definitely should have thought this through a little bit longer. Hoaxes or jokes are fine, but crying wolf in such a deadpan manner is a bad idea.

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I've realized that I actually like searching for loot and collectibles in games. I never cared before, but then I decided to collect all the feathers in Assassin's Creed 2. Then I played Torchlight and loved it (and I've never liked a game like that before). Now I'm enjoying Borderlands, I S-ranked Just Cause 2, I made sure I found every audio log in Bioshock 2, etc. etc. 

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@Aragorn123 said:
" @drhans said:
"...take your time and methodically pick off enemies one by one from a distance. "
That's the key right there. Plasma Pistol + DMR/Needle Rifle helps, too. And NEVER use the Assault Rifle or Shotgun on tougher enemies. You will not survive the encounter. "
Seriously. As someone previously only really used to Normal difficulty, I was surprised how completely useless the Assault Rifle is on Heroic and Legendary. I never carry one anymore.