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I played 3 and ODST on Normal, but I jumped into Reach on Heroic and it was tough, but fun. Now going through solo Legendary, and it doesn't feel all that different, functionally, from Heroic. I'm having a much easier time the second time through, moving much faster, killing enemies more efficiently. You learn pretty quick not to rush into anywhere, for any reason, so just hanging behind cover, using the checkpoint system to your advantage, and letting your teammates do a little work for you (at least as distractions) are all it really takes. Patience is the key in either mode. 
Sections that took me 30 minutes or more before (like the first time encountering Hunters on the second level) I'm making it through now without even dying. It's fun, Heroic definitely prepares you for Legendary. So, yeah, I'd say Legendary is not as tough as I've heard some people say, especially if you've played through on Heroic already and/or are willing to take your time and methodically pick off enemies one by one from a distance.

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I absolutely loved ODST. It's weird to think that so many don't care for it or don't think it fits. Its uniqueness is one of its best assets. But I still love the first game, so: 
Halo: CE (mostly for nostalgia purposes, but it's still a great game)
Halo: Reach 
Halo 3: ODST 
Halo 2 
Halo 3 
I nearly just outright disliked 3. I never felt like anything was really at stake, never felt that urgency of the other games. 
Reach was, I thought, pretty good the first time through (on Heroic), but now I'm making my way through on Legendary solo and it's REALLY solid the second time. Love it.

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Ditto on the PopCap games (DAMN YOU POPCAP AND YOUR ADDICTIVE GAMES): four copies of Peggle (Steam, iPod, iPhone, Xbox) and wo copies of Plants vs. Zombies (Steam and iPhone). 
Do copies bought for friends count? I bought my Dad Modern Warfare 2 and my friend Halo: Reach. Not, like, as Christmas presents, just because they should have them.
And if buying older games on Steam counts, I definitely have bought multiple copies of Jedi Outcast, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Far Cry, San Andreas, and others. Oh, come to think of it, I have two copies each (Xbox and PC) of Red Faction Guerrilla, Prototype, and Mirror's Edge. Haha, GOD.

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I'm in the same boat (no achievement updates for a few days), but it's not entirely unusual. They'll pop eventually, though it's probably good to have at least mentioned it here so staff knows about it.

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@KingWilly: @KingWilly said:
" PROTIP: set your "tone" preference to polite.  Seriously, it works. "
I changed those settings expecting them to do pretty much nothing and, lo and behold, everyone I've played with since has been really cool.
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@sofacitysweetheart: I made it in, but once I've played a round, I'll totally jump ship if it'll get someone new in.
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" @drhans: Sounds to me like it sold 9,000 too much. I guess the game has good customization, but it didn't look fun. Like, at all. In any way, shape or form. Most of it looked like the ultimate fetch quest and the rest looked like same shooting.  I really don't understand the kind of person who looks at a game that's no fun to play and says "I'd like to buy that game, then pay 15 dollars a month for it" where games like TF2 are 20 dollars flat and can offer as much longevity, and are actually fun. "
As a major TF2 nut myself, I completely agree. 
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@The_Laughing_Man: Pretty much. They might have even flipped that switch before the announcement. 
And, yeah, the rumor is that the game cost $100 million to make and only sold about 10,000 copies. 
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@The_Laughing_Man said:
" Is it free to play till it closes?   And not surprised at all. "
From what I understand, the servers are shut down already. 
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@NekuSakuraba: Are you new to console gaming in general, or just the Xbox? I've been a dedicated PC gamer for years and only got my 360 this year. First game I popped in was Assassin's Creed 2 and it totally messed with my head for a few hours of gameplay. Wasn't used to playing games like that on a big TV in my living room and it was making me dizzy. Just felt strange. 
And don't listen to people saying there's no motion blur in Reach. There's lots, and it's sort of weird at first. You don't notice it after a while, but that smearing might be especially disorienting if you're not used to playing these kind of games in the living room.