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Mayor Feedback. Picking up Reach in just a few minutes, woo!

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@iAmJohn: Ah, I meant the Giant Bomb crew. I keep up on Screened and Tested for sure. :) 
I hope some of them really did sleep in. They all deserve rest after yesterday's all-around awesomeness.
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Ah, someone from the crew finally got out of bed.

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Bionic Commando (the recent one). Or any other checkpoint-based save system that doesn't give you enough checkpoints.

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It's a poker game, it's only five dollars, and it has the Heavy in it? Sold.

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I'm still 68 wall posts and 933 views away from the quest, hahaha. Oh, well. I've been saying hi on as many walls as I could find that need it.  =)

Also, 6 more followers would be nice for that particular quest. But no pressure. 
UPDATE: Well, someone threw a quick 933 views my way. Thanks! Just need a few more followers and wall posts. You guys rule. 
AND... for anyone needing to be Blessed, try following Hamz.

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I think you should all come by, follow me, and say hello because I am a kind, clean, mostly handsome person who loves Team Fortress 2. So hi!

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I guess it's The Twister in Mirror's Edge. 1.6%  "String together: wallclimb, turn, swing, wallclimb, turn, swing, jump." I got it completely by accident, without trying, but I suppose it's that rare just because it's a DLC achievement. 
Most of my other rarest (under 2%) are the Splinter Cell: Conviction DLC achievements.

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Glad to know I'm not alone here. It doesn't actually bother me, I just can't figure out how it happened and it got me wondering whether there was even anything I could do about it if I wanted to.  
And, yeah, I'm not gonna buy some random, nonsense gamerpic I'll never use just to even it out. Microsoft may be holding onto those 38 cents right now, but they're still mine!