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I have no idea, mathematically, how this happened, but I have 30 Microsoft points that are constantly leftover.  
Is there anything out there that costs 10 or 30 points? 15?  5? Or should I just accept that Microsoft will never give me that 38 cents back?

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@Bennyishere: Yeah, I actually noticed that while playing last night. Xbox Live was just on the fritz that day, I guess.
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@RiotBananas: First world problems, for sure.
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So I fired up the Xbox yesterday and enjoyed a few rounds of Blur multiplayer. Got my ass beat mostly, as I just started multiplayer in earnest after finishing the single player, so I'm a bit behind in the mod department, but no matter. Still fun. And then? In first place in a really intense race and the finish line in sight... DISCONNECTED. Host rage quit or something? Does Blur have host migration? Doesn't matter. I got shafted.  
Whatever. So I move on to Splinter Cell: Conviction, aiming to grab one of the last achievements I have left, Demolition Crew (for the DLC maps). I take out every propane tank and fire extinguisher (yes, even the one in the last area), finish off the last guy and... nothing. Turns out the achievement is sometimes bugged and you gotta clear your cache before it'll work.  
WHATEVER. I'll just play some Hydro Thunder Hurricane, blow off some steam. Nothing but connection issues. Xbox Live was freaking out. Disconnections left and right, problems finding games, joining games then being told they were full, BLEH. Add to that the fact that you only level up at all in that game if you come in the top three (I thought persistent character advancement was the thing now), and, you know what? Forget it. 
Xbox OFF for the evening. 
Anyone ever just have a really frustrating gaming day? Not just being frustrated at a game, but a day where no matter what game you attempt, nothing really goes your way?

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Very not real. 
The real tracks are a mix of electronic and orchestral and are much darker.  
So, yeah. Not real.

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I don't have my old copy anymore, unfortunately, but I LOVED Halo on the PC.

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Well, I'm definitely setting Plants vs. Zombies to not auto-update in Steam when I get home. 
And, yeah, this should be covered legally as a parody, but the mere threat of a huge lawsuit and all the legal costs associated with it (even a frivolous one) is, I'm sure, enough to make Pop Cap back down.

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I've sold many, MANY games and systems in hard times (all classic console) and none of the stuff that they ended up paying for was worth it.  Don't do it.