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2001 and Chariots of Fire. Especially Chariots of Fire. I get it, people are running in slow motion. Hilarious.
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The game looks fun, but I'm just happy it's using Steamworks. More games should use Steam. It rules.

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Add me to the disappointed list. I'd really been looking forward to Season 3. =(

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@sdornan: Listen, I understand that if a game is requiring you to jump in the air or dance a certain way, you can't sit on the couch and do it. But this whole question of "can you even make a game that lets you sit down" isn't just a completely common sense one to answer, they've demonstrated that this is the case multiple times already. None of the games they showed at E3 had people sitting. So?  
No, you can't jump in the air without actually jumping in the air. This was a big deal or a worry? It's like worrying that Rock Band 3 won't let you play the drums with your regular gamepad.
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Was this ever actually a question or concern? If it can detect the motion of your hands, fingers, and the rest of your body, why can't it detect if you're sitting down? Or, why couldn't it detect those things WHILE you're sitting down? 
One of Microsoft's earliest videos showed somebody sitting on a couch, driving a car with their hands in the air. 2009!

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The demo is phenomenal. Day one purchase.

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@EpicSteve: Yeah, even though I'm pumped about the game, I definitely plan on replying STOP if they try to bother me at all.
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Joystiq says you can get access to the Xbox Live demo of Kane & Lynch 2 by texting "Dog Days" to 72579.
I tried it and got an Marketplace code texted back to me. Still at work, so I have no idea how legit it is, but apparently it works.  
So, yeah, not sure if anyone's interested or not. Having bought K&L on the Steam sale Monday and finishing it last night, I'm actually really excited to try it out.  
The message says I can reply "STOP," though, so maybe Lynch is planning to send me profanity-laced texts on a regular basis, probably complaining about one thing or another.

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I'm playing through Dante's Inferno right now and I'm loving it. So there!