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Some of it was pretty funny, but at this point I'm pretty much just playing to keep my S-rank. I bought the Season Pass but have been really disappointed in the quality. The packs are SUPER overpriced for what they are. They're pretty fun as just a side thing, but as a $7 piece of DLC it's a complete waste of money. I was hoping for more goofing around on Mars, but instead it's just a bunch of re-skinned stuff I already have, doing stuff I already did in the main game.

In a way, it's kinda nice to look at the DLC and realize they really did keep the best stuff in the game, rather than cutting sections and using them for DLC later. That's a good thing. But the stuff we're getting as DLC is just really weak. I didn't mind Genki Bowl cause I figured Gangstas in Space would be more substantial, but nope. Turns out I spent more time in Genki Bowl. Real letdown after such a great game.

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@DeeGee said:

Yeah, they did nothing wrong. You're just being an asshole here.

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You must be new here.

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Pro-tip: proofread your hate mail. Then delete it before you send it and stop being so angry about stupid stuff.

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Rarely, but every once in a while I'll listen to NPR or podcasts. Like when I was grinding through the final achievements of The Saboteur or exploring the island in Test Drive Unlimited 2 (talk about a game you don't need the sound for).

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Rock Band 3. TF2 before that.

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Oh my god, what an amazing year. Had to go X-Wing, though Lemmings and Super Mario All-Stars were serious contenders.

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I got my invite just last night, but I am 100% completely new to this whole type of game, so none of you probably want me on your team. :)

I have much to learn...