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There's a card in the box that has the instructions. You just sign up at Ubisoft's website with the code in the box and they let you know when it's ready. Pretty straightforward. And, yeah, you'll just access it via the disc. Not a Gamestop exclusive.

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Going to see Local H in tonight in Orlando and I'm pumped. They're letting an audience member pick one of their albums out of a hat and they have to play it start to finish. I'm quietly hoping for Pack Up the Cats, but I'll be happy no matter what they play. 
Any other Local H fans out there in Bombland? What album would you most want to hear them play? 

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Dammit, I am so pumped to get off work and go play this. Still going to, it's just a bummer to hear about. At least I know in advance. 
Looking at the Ubisoft forums, they're aware of it and are "working on it."

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Went to the site and apparently I already have an Ubisoft account (no clue why) and got 10 points just for logging in. But it doesn't retroactively add points, so I'd have to play AC2 again to get those rewards. LAME. 
Well, I guess if I already have it I'll use it but the whole thing just seems really stupid and unnecessary to me. Then again, these are the same people who are requiring a persistent Internet connection to play their PC games now, so I'm not sure what I was expecting.

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Has anyone actually used the Uplay stuff on Ubisoft games? I pre-ordered Conviction from Amazon to get Infiltration mode, but I guess you can just unlock it and most of the other pre-order stuff normally if you sign up for Uplay. I really don't want to have another account somewhere; I already have an EA account and a Bioware account for all the Mass Effect 2 downloadable/pre-order stuff. Now I'm reading more about Uplay and seeing that there's a whole new tomb to unlock in Assassin's Creed 2 through it.  Basically, GRR. 
Ubisoft, do you really need my e-mail address that badly? Do we really need another way to unlock achievements?? 
To anyone who's actually used Uplay: should I sign up for this in advance of playing Conviction? Will it be worth it at some point, now or in the future? Is it a total pain in the ass? I just S-ranked AC2 over the weekend... if I sign up for Uplay and boot up the game, will it give me those Uplay point retroactively or do I be logged in when accomplishing stuff in order to get them? I'm reading so many conflicting things online. AM I WASTING MY TIME?

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Hahaha, oh man. I just got it. 
Yes, he IS on the Mass Effect 2 credits page. 

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Enjoyed the gameplay, and that is most important, but I was expecting it to look a little more polished than it did. Wasn't bad or anything, but I agree that character models could definitely use some more work.