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@jakob187: Alex wrote this.


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I've been using Xbox controllers forever (I still really like those huge original system ones, too, I'm weird) and I'm used to them, but I got my first PS3 a couple weeks ago and while the PS3 controller was weird at first, now the Xbox controller feels goddamn massive and heavy.

Anyway, the key to your problem is in the following words of your post: FOUR HOURS. Four hours straight of holding a controller is going to hurt your hands. Take breaks, don't play for so long at once.

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@Dogma said:

I'm 30 and my first solid memory of a game is the first Star Wars Arcade cabinet where you flew through the Death Star.


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Crap, there goes my S rank. Season Pass ahoy!

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@Napalm: Haha, all right, man, do your thing.

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@Napalm: You don't think maybe, just MAYBE, the game might show you that crash in a little while? And that maybe, just MAYBE, the opening hour or so of the game (or ANY game this generation) is a tutorial? Do you want to die in the first five minutes? Like, you're not making sense. Play the game for a while and let it show you what it's trying to do rather than just assuming that it sucks because you can't die during the tutorial.

Not defending the game itself, I just can't wrap my head around the idea of playing a game for literally 5 minutes and assuming the rest of the game will be the same way. You really think Drake's going to stumble around bleeding in the snow for 10 hours and then it's over? You might as well have just stared at the title screen for a few minutes and called it a day. Give this game, like any game, a little bit of time to find out if it's your thing or not.

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Let me get this straight: you're bummed that your character, after barely surviving a massive train crash and obviously losing a gallon of blood, isn't running at a full sprint? Might want to re-examine your expectations and maybe try to enjoy the story they're trying to tell.

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I finished it and it was okay. Some of it was fun, all of it looked good, the quicktime events were really terrible, and overall I had a good time. But yeah, if you're comparing it to the multiplayer suite, then ppppppth.

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I love everything about this story! Maybe the two T's in "Marketting" the most, but pretty much all of it is hilarious. Sad and gross, sure. But all assholes like that guy deserve to be publicly shamed.