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When I got to the ocean sanctuary and had to trace the shape the statues make on the door. Yeah. WTH. The shape the statues make and the one that must be drawn are nothing alike, it even looks different when it shows up on the door after you draw the correct shape. Did anyone else get stuck here?
Here are some pics of what I'm talking about.  The first one is the one that shows up on the door in silhouette and the second one is the one that has to be drawn to open the door. 

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umm, i signed up the day the site launched. last time I logged in was a month ago. that is to bad. :-(

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Alex_Murphy said:
"maysin said:
"My old account was 'maysin'
What? That's the account you are using now. I don't think your account got deleted if you're signed in."
as i said already... i had to sign up again. but I lost my points submissions etc.
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My old account was 'maysin' I re-singed up with the same email... So it got removed somehow. I wasn't doing anything against aup. Maybe its still there somewhere? or there is a record of it somewhere??

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why was my account deleted?

I know sign up is easy, but it had some sentimental value. Singed up day 1, only had 2 points, one was 'the moon.'