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Anyone have any Reus cards? I'm looking for a Forest Giant, Swamp Ambassador and 2 Forest Ambassadors.

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Okay, I'm on the fence about Prison Architect. It sounded interesting from the bombcast, and I like the look of it. I don't know if it's worth that price point though. Anyone played it that can sway me one way or the other?

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Falling Skies

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I don't even know if there's anything I can say about how I'm feeling right now, so I can't even grasp how the crew, and all of Ryan's family and friends are feeling. My condolences go out to them all.

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I was semi-interested in the first game because I have a guitar laying around that I don't know how to play, and this looks even better. Looking forward to more news on the game.

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I think I prefer the character reveals of Smash Bros more than I do the actual game.

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She's rocking that new hairstyle.

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Never really seen the appeal of DK.

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@nictel: Well he just said something about making changes to adjust the tempo of the game. That kinda sounds like more dungeons to me. Though I could just be grasping at straws.

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Wind Waker HD is almost a system seller for me.