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Wishing you all the best, Vinny.

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Better than I expected!

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So I saw on Twitter that the Retsupurae folks were interested. ChipCheezum's one of the people applying.

Would there be a celebration or a great rage tornado if they got hired?

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The only videogame time I spent that I regret was time spent playing bad videogames that didn't even have comedic value.

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Finally I can play as Space Egyptians

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I wish I could enjoy Dwarf Fortress. Folks seem to come up with amazing and/or hilarious stories from playing that game, but I really can't stand the interface.

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Does this mean the cartoon review pictures will return?!

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"The PC is dying" is on the same level as "THE WORLD ENDS THIS YEAR" to me at this point.

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Whenever a game crashes I tend to consider just giving up on it altogether. Back when Battlefield 2 (yeah, 2) was out it kept crashing on my PC after about 20 to 40 minutes of play time and after not being able to figure out what the problem was I quit it altogether until I got a different PC that for whatever reason didn't suffer from the same problems.

Usually, if a game crashes on a consistent basis before an hour is up, I'd give up on it. Fallout: New Vegas was an exception; despite the random crashes I kept on playing it anyway, obsessively saving every few minutes. My friends tend to be really discouraged if their game crashes, because they're afraid of it happening at the worst possible times, or corrupting the game's data somehow. I kinda have that fear too, but if it's a game where I can save anytime, it's not that big of a deal unless it happens every few seconds or something.

What about you? How much crashing do you tolerate before you decide to just quit the game and never play it again?