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Nice find!

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The only pairing I care about is Kanji and Naoto.

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Funny how a lot of you are shitting on youtuber's for making money showing/playing video games, when that is pretty much what Giantbomb is all about.

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I dissected a bull's eyeball in high school.

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Looks like the new color scheme is red.

I am not sure if this means the game's going to take on a more 'horror' vibe.

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@shevar said:

On another note and slightly off-topic, but I think Vinny should host the podcast instead of Jeff.

Vinny always comes across as a person who is genuinely curious about stuff other people do that he doesn't know anything or very little about, and that would make him great as a host to ask the questions and keep the conversations flowing.

Well that and the fact he adds cool songs and sound effects to the podcast :-P

Agreed. Vinny seems like a more natural (and more hilarious) Bombcast host.

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The next VinnCo product: The Crotch Jolt

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Good work!

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Loved this interview. Wouldn't mind more interviews with filmmakers. Sure, Giant Bomb is primarily about videogames, but I think it's nice that we get more insight in other forms of entertainment.

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This seems interesting. Will definitely get it if I get the chance.