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Same, though it would probably take a long while before you get into the real 'meat' of the game (strategy, castle-building and such)

I would also do Azure Dreams. It was not an amazing game but it had a lot of good ideas that could have made it so much cooler if they had more time and budget.

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Drew is pretty cool. I don't mind how he talks.

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In multiplayer games I always try to play stealthily and take routes most people wouldn't take. I like attacking other players from places they never expect. I spent a lot of time playing as the Spy on Team Fortress 2, and back in Battlefield 2 I always found ways to sneak into the enemy's HQ and then start planting bombs on vehicles before they get in, then detonate them once they're full.

When it comes to single player 4X strategy games, I tend to play peacefully and only fight when attacked. In story-driven games, I try to get every single backstory-relevant item. If there's a newspaper clipping or a note, I'll find it.

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Good idea. Looking forward to seeing what you guys will cover

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How about Giant Bomb written in the original Metal Gear Solid style?

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Azure Dreams. It wasn't reviled, but folks didn't consider it to be great fun. I enjoyed going up the Monster Tower and try to get to the top before running out of HP. Also, the town-building aspects were kinda cool. I liked how the money you got from dungeon crawling can actually help improve your hometown. Plus, I liked the monster designs.

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23 June 1987, year of the rabbit.

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If only someone could do a Windjammers romhack....

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Black Hawk Down. I've watched it before but watched it again yesterday. It's an okay urban warfare movie. 3 out of 5.

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Will definitely give this a go. Looks like I will either be amused or aroused.