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Don't judge people in a way that you would not want to be judged yourself.

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So I have a quick question about how EVs function. Do EVs add more stats when leveling up? Or do they provide a static amount of stats based on what level you are, no matter when you build the evs? For example is a pokemon EV trained from level 1 going to have the same stats with an identically trained pokemon that was EV trained at level 25?

Thanks guys, sorry if I'm unclear in any way.

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Having the same issue. Tried to preorder like 2 weeks before release, but the store oversold preorders and has no idea when they're getting them in. Got so fed up with them I canceled my preorder from them, and have been looking for other sources but to no avail. If anyone knows any sources (in Canada) that are stocking XBox Ones currently I'd love to know, but it looks like those of us without them will have to wait :(

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Persona 4 Golden and Dragon's Crown: Vita justified

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Anyone have a Safari with ditto in it? :3

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@cam: @lanechanger: @crimsonhigh: Added you guys, among others. Too lazy to look through the thread and fine all your names D:

Friend Code: 1547 5425 7622

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Friend Code: 1547 5425 7622

Name: Mike

Trainer Name: Biggs

Version: Y

On pretty much daily, would love some more Pokemon Safari entrants :3

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@zero_ said:

@daneian said:

My favorite playstation moment was their 1995 price announcement (about 4 mins in):

Take that $399 Sega Saturn

LOL What the hell that's awesome

Would've been better if he just dropped the mic.