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Posted by MB

In this week's obligatory Star Wars-related entry, I bring you the genius of Airwolf Wars. I love this stuff, and this gets the nerd in me excited for the upcoming Star Wars live action TV series

Coming next week...the Rebel edition.


Posted by Death_Unicorn

Anything Star Wars related gets me giddy with joy and anticipation being a huge Star Wars fan, myself.

Posted by Claude

I did not know that. A series you say. I learn something new every day on the internet.

Edited by lordofultima

I thought this blog post was going to be about Airwolf, not F'ing Star Wars. Should have just put the music to a blank screen, would have been better.

Posted by MB
@lordofultima: Quit wasting time reading my crappy blog and get back to production on the next Theory Fighter.
Posted by Kush

I'd like to make fun of Star Wars right now just to mess with you, but I actually enjoyed that video and now sort of want to watch some Star Wars. Maybe it's about time to play KOTOR again...