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Been a huge fan of Humble over the years, I pretty much have to jump on this so I have some more 3DS games sitting there for the next time I travel. Although the more I think about it, I only have a 3DS and no Wii U, and the only game I really want out of the whole bundle is Steamworld Dig. Tough decision.

Hopefully we see more of these bundles for Nintendo and other consoles in the future. Awesome.

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This thread is over six months old and was just bumped for no reason. Closing it for now, if there is something new about this game or you still feel compelled to discuss it, feel free to start a new topic.

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If you want to share gameplay videos on the forums, there needs to be some reason for the post to exist on the forums other than "Hey, check out my YouTube channel." If it's specifically related to some game and you have something to say about it that's one thing, but there needs to be at least some kind of discussion value there. Just, "Hey check out this gameplay of this game, I think it's pretty cool" is not considered sufficient enough to warrant starting a forum thread.

We have a lot of users, and many of them record gameplay and do Let's Plays, Reviews, and all kinds of other stuff. We have to take a somewhat strict stance on how this stuff is shared on the forums, otherwise that's all the forums would be. If you want to run your post and video by the mods first, you can always send us a PM and we can give you some direction.

Alternatively, you can share all of the videos you want on your blog, as long as those blogs aren't also attached to the forums.

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If you're playing on PC with a controller, holding the Start button acts as a World Map shortcut. Same as swiping up on the PS4's touch pad, and of course holding in Start on the Xbox One controller.

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@rethla: Look into it, it helped my performance when running HairWorks quite a bit.

Go to your Witcher 3 installation folder and navigate to bin > config > base, edit rendering.ini, find HairWorksAALevel=8 and change that value to 2 or 4.

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@rethla: Did you try editing that config file to reduce the AA on HairWorks?

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@golguin: I guess I know there's a wyvern coming up now. Thanks for putting that in your thread title.

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@maginnovision: I'll try a GTX 780 as a PhysX card tomorrow with my 780 Ti and let you know if there is any kind of improvement.

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@maginnovision said:

I hope nobody is buying titan x's for this game also, the new amd and NVidia cards may make them seem even more expensive than they are now due to the boost in performance.

Would you mind rephrasing that, or perhaps fleshing out what you were trying to say a bit more? I'm sorry, but I just went back and re-read that sentence a few times and I'm still not sure what you are getting at.

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Good tips in this thread, glad to hear I'm not the only one having money problems early on in Wild Hunt. I feel like the economy could definitely use an update...something just doesn't feel right about being a total bad ass who can do things no one else can do, can raid a camp full of bandits, kill them all and then steal their stuff, but then can barely afford to keep my gear in good condition or buy a couple of low level crafting materials from a poor merchant. So far, this aspect of the game hasn't been very fun to me. I'll give it some more time though, from the sounds of things the money part will work itself out eventually.

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