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It's because carriers want to put their own garbage bloatware on top of the stock Android release, make sure their support staff have a good handle on it, and test it on their own devices before sending it out as an update to possibly millions of customers.

If you want the pure Android experience and fast updates, get a Nexus device.

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@creepingdeath0: It isn't that difficult to set up. The trickiest part was getting my Xbox 360 controller configured properly, but once I understood the menus and what I was looking at, it was a breeze. Most of the settings can be left at default, then you can play around with resolution and scale it up and add as much AA/AF as your PC can handle. I also installed an HD Texture Pack to improve the look of the game more, and I also installed an Xbox 360 controller button pack so all of the in-game menus and prompts have Xbox buttons instead of Wii buttons.

I'm even using Steam In-Home streaming with Dolphin and it works fine.

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I'm going to close this just so random people from Google looking for tech support don't bump this again two years from now.

Anyone looking for help on a specific game is welcome to start a new thread or make comments about it, but it doesn't make sense to keep support topics open for this long.

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I doubt it.

That being said, I'm playing through Xenoblade Chronicles for the first time ever thanks to Dolphin with a wireless 360 controller. What a great game so far, and it looks fantastic on PC.

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I Googled the answer:

On your PS4 go to Settings > Devices > Power Saving Settings > Set Functions Available In Rest Mode > Supply Power to USB Ports and turn the option on.

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On single targets, what I've been doing is sneaking up for a backstab with my bow rogue (yes, you can backstab with a bow) and then having my tank pick up aggro right away. It isn't ideal and I sort of regret taking Backstab, too. I'm not sure what hte alternative would be though.

On top of that, it renders my other talent useless, at least when opening up. I forget what it's called, but it's the one that gives the rogue bonuses against targets who are more than 4 meters away. At least you still get the massive damage from Sneak Attack + Backstab, and if you add the occasional critical strike it can add up to crazy amounts of burst damage.

From what I understand there are other talents later on that give the rogue some more mobility and some ways to get out of combat, so the problem may resolve itself for me pretty soon.

By the way....Backstab does work with ranged weapons, and you don't have to be behind the target, either. Just within 2m.

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I bet I have read more Star Wars novels and spent more time playing Star Wars games and consuming the media in general than almost anyone on this board, but I'm hardly excited at all about the new film. I think I'm mainly trying to keep my expectations low in the hopes that I find anything good or redeeming about the movie at all, rather than the other way around.

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That's really too bad, man. Game of Thrones runs fine on PC and even on my Macbook. Some of the previous Telltale games have run like garbage on OS X, but they seem to have fixed that up with GoT.

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@castiel said:

English isn't my native language but responsibilized sounds stupid as fuck and I doubt it's a real word.

I know the word responsible but I highly doubt you can use it like OP did.

That's because responsibilized isn't a word.

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