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I got one for Dead Rising 3.

I have a 780 Ti and I still get drops down to 35-40 fps in many areas while playing that game. It's an awful port, so don't panic when you can't maintain 60 fps on your new card.

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Gunna be getting a 980 cause my 580 is really getting on a bit now. Then again I'm also basically doing a full rebuild by getting an i7 5820k and 16GB of DDR4. Future proofing for another 4 years and to prepare for The Division and GTAV!

Since you brought it up, why a 5820k? You could save yourself a lot of money by going with an i5 if this is strictly a gaming machine.

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I'm on the fence here, but I can't help but draw comparisons to Divinity: Original Sin. Both are Kickstarter CRPGs, yet Wasteland 2 pulled in almost $3 million - triple that of Divinity - and a lot of people are saying that Wasteland seems like a rough, amateurish attempt rather than a fully polished retail product. I was looking forward to this game but at this point I'm going to wait for more reviews and most likely a significant sale before I pick it up.

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I generally don't buy any games the day they come out. I like to wait for footage, reviews, and to gauge the GB community's opinion on something before I plunk down up to $60 on a game.

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I'll throw in support for the GTX 970 - also looks like the Asus version (my preferred vendor for GPUs) easily overclocks 15%. That is...nuts. Add in the much lower TDP, which I can't even wrap my mind around because the current Asus GTX 780 comes in at 250w TDP and runs so cool and quiet, I didn't think it needed to (or could) get that much better.

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@s80007 said:

@mb: Depends upon what type of movie you want to watch.. Artsy or Entertaining ?

Artsy and entertaining aren't mutually exclusive...I like all types of films.

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@mb: I agree, that is the worst part ! Not all the movies are the way you describe them to be. Some are different, worthy of being truly great while most of them are that cliched story.

I'm sure not every Bollywood movie is hot garbage, but that has been my experience. If you can recommend some that don't have random musical numbers with females dancing around in skimpy clothing and have plots that aren't ripped straight out of other movies, I may take a look!

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I've seen a few Bollywood films and I think they are trash. They all seemed to have the same basic plot - extraordinarily good looking guy falls for extraordinarily good looking girl, but for some reason they can't be together, but then some unlikely series of events happens and they magically get together. During this process, all of the actors, seemingly at random, break into song and dance. Oh, and commonly the female lead needs to be wearing very little clothing while dancing, which somehow she manages to change into right before the songs start. The entire Bollywood industry seems like it only exists to make lame copies of Hollywood flicks, which is fine if that's what Indian audiences enjoy, but I personally find the entire scene to be hot garbage. Even seemingly "serious" films seem to have inexplicable musical numbers shoehorned in for some reason.

Also, why does Bollywood insist on using sound effects for fight scenes that sound like they come straight out of 1960's Kung Fu movies?

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Fuck that, it's a wedding, like one of two happiest days of someone's life. Bad shit happens, don't live your life worrying about it; you'll ironically end up never actually having really lived.

Isn't that a quote from Braveheart?

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What does a game being "worth it" even mean? If you aren't having fun playing something, stop playing it. Take a break or pick up another hobby or something.