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The new Evil Dead flick is great. Perfect for Halloween too.

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White site heathen! I abused my power to replace that with the proper black image to save everyones eyes from the horror of a pure white background.

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I think if "gaming glasses" worked, computer scientists, engineers, and air traffic controllers would have been wearing them 25 years ago and they wouldn't be called gaming glasses.

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Someone actually read the stickies? What is this world coming to.

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Another perspective to maybe keep in mind when you're working retail or hospitality is that the whole reason you even have a job is because customers come there to shop. So what if they need help or need to call to check on something? The whole job is focused around providing an environment where customers want to come and shop. From stocking the shelves, to cleaning, to checking out, all of it, every single person's job in that grocery store is ultimately customer service.

If people annoy you that much, you may want to consider getting out of fields where you deal with the public at all. Otherwise, maybe keep in mind in the future that your job is to help these people, whether you are doing something else at the time or not, and whether you feel like it or not.

I've seen you complain multiple times on the forums about how customers are always annoying you and bothering you, or distracting you from your work, but never said anything. Those customers ARE your work. Any retail job is this way, and it's just something you will have to deal with until you find something better, whether you stay at Meijer or move on to another similar job.

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Time for some anger management classes, dude.

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Think this one has run it's course already.

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I don't think Patrick would even take your money for something like this. Actually I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he definitely would not.

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My favorite game of 2014 is still Mordor, even though my worst final boss of 2014 is also Mordor.

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Could be anything, but I think the two most likely big ones would be a bad PSU or an overheating CPU. I'd do a quick visual inspection and make sure everything is seated properly, and that the CPU heatsink isn't dangling off and the fan is actually spinning when you power the computer on. Beyond that, you could try reseating RAM sticks and disconnecting unnecessary devices and seeing if there is any change.

You could also try resetting the CMOS just in case but unless you're familiar with the motherboard it may not be evident where the jumper or switch is.