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Exactly - a good example of this is Starbound, which is also still in Early Access. Check out their Steam store page. It has the Early Access notification, news from the dev team about updates and features, has some video and screenshots, lists the system requirements, and then there are clearly marked Early Access reviews from users. That's it.

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@botcolony: That's all fine and good and everything, but as stated by a couple of Giant Bomb community members in this topic, the Gamastura link on your store page goes to an article by Mike Rose where the quote doesn't even exist. Instead, the quote actually comes from Eugene Joseph's personally submitted blog, here. I'm sure that is just an honest mistake that is easily corrected, though.

The same misattributed quote can be found on the official Bot Colony website as well.

Can the quote technically be found on Gamasutra? Yes. Is it misleading? I think any reasonable person would also have to agree that it is.

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@therealnelsk said:

@mb: Thank you. Those quotes are not coincidence. They're deliberately crafted, and I'm sure the devs behind this game are smart enough to know what they were doing. It's simply unethical, and @botcolony is sidestepping the core problem with random links saying "I dunno, it's somewhere in here?", in addition to ignoring the other two that are equally gross. He's also diverting people who call him out in comments, like @vierastalo's, to this thread...in which he addresses nothing but the technical complaints.

Well let's give him an opportunity to respond, since I directly asked him the question. We just aren't going to permit anyone to use the forums as a platform to both complain about how someone played their game while also touting it's technical achievements whilst simultaneously ignoring direct and important questions from the very community they are trying to engage. But like I said, let's put away the pitchforks for now. It could just be a mistake...

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@botcolony said:

It's not a review, it's a technical article. If you want a review, this came out recently


It's listed as a "review" on your Steam page. It's in the first post of this thread.

This thread isn't about Vinny's stream. This thread is about intentionally misleading customers with fake reviews. One of which is apparently from the producer of Bot Colony and sourced as Gamasutra.

This is an important point, and one I am hoping @botcolony actually addresses. This is more than misleading, it's a straight up lie. I think if @botcolony is here to defend the game, he should start by addressing this very important and distressing piece of information. If you're going to charge real money for a game, even in Early Access, you should be honest about it. I wonder what our friends at Gamasutra will think about this?

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@cornbredx said:

They also have a problem with the fact that you don't get the executable from steam, just files to run the game.

What do you mean by that? For example, with games that use Steamworks, Steam generates unique executables for everyone who owns the game which is cross-checked as part of the Steamworks DRM scheme. I'm not sure what you even mean, it's not like the executables come from an external source.

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@liquidsnakegfer9 said:

...it doesn't look phenomenally better on PC, but it sure as hell runs better and plays 100 times better as a result, you get the true super hero feeling when you play that game at 60 fps. So if you didn't play any of those on console already they would be worth checking out probably.

This is a good point. I still think that some games are worth revisiting on PC even if one has previously played the console versions. Playing something at 1080p/60+ compared to 720p/30 (most console games last generation, and even some this gen) drastically improves the experience, at least in my book. Without even considering all of the improved lighting, effects, and post-processing, we're talking about 500% more pixels being pushed out. Games I originally played on console and that I thought were fun and looked good can sometimes blow me away when I see them on PC, even years later. Which brings me to another advantage of having a high end gaming PC...being able to force additional AA, AF, downsampling, running multiple monitors, and more.

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@walreese55 said:

If I pared this list down to games solely for graphical prowess (but also a good game, not interested in BF4-type game), what should I look at?

Witcher 2, Metro: Last Light, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 & Blood Dragon, Sleeping Dogs.

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@joshwent said:

As others have said, Steam's "always on" requirement is its own form of DRM...

Who said that? Also...there is no such requirement. Steam has an Offline mode and you can play games no problem without even being connected to the internet. That may be different with some games that have additional third party DRM schemes like Ubisoft titles, but saying Steam has to be "always on" for games to work is completely incorrect.

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GOG is looking to directly compete with Valve with GOG Galaxy, their own Steam-like client...I doubt you'll ever be getting a Steam key for anything from them.