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I wonder if part of the issue is some display lag on your TV?

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I would just like to go on record and state that if anyone tries to add "Sm4sh" as an alias to the Super Smash Bros. wiki page, I will ban you.

Just kidding. But not really.

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I thought they already did a Quick Look of the PC version.

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Dishonored has better stealth than Thief...the latter is just not a very good game. May be worth a $5 Steam sale purchase.

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@billymagnum said:

why not? i think its a fine idea. seeing it as an elitist thing to do is completely hypocritical of premium memberships. maybe there wont be any great quantifiable benefit but sometimes it would be nice not to have certain things open to everyone and have that feeling that you are getting something more from being premium. like another perk.

do i think itll happen? nope.

This already exists, all Premium videos & podcasts are only open to subscribers for comment.

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@ianh83 said:

Anyway, what I was looking for here is a place to float an idea that wasn't completely formed in the hope of bouncing it back and forwards between some people with a passion for games and maybe see it turn in to something that could be good in some circumstances. I've realised the GB forum isn't that kind of place.

It actually is exactly that type of place, but when you're so argumentative with those that don't share your opinions, of course the topic is going to take a nosedive. If you ask for differing opinions and feedback, be prepared for both positive and negative, otherwise don't even bother asking in the first place.

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@bollard said:

Given how much this game is structured like an MMO, is it too much to expect the next Destiny game to have level 20-40 content that picks right up from where you left off in the first game? I mean the level range will probably shift, I imagine the DLC will increase the cap and I would really appreciate it if they followed the MMO rule of adding more content for free to keep your player base interested, but I don't think its too illogical for them to take this approach.

I still have yet to start Destiny, but if I were them that's what I'd do.

Bungie isn't going to make a sequel that requires people to have played the first game, and I don't see how they could make stuff for level 20-40 but also keep it interesting for 1-20, too (Unless it's just generic missions that scale based on level). I imagine some aspects of character progression will carry over from game to game, but possibly not character levels.

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Watch Dogs is fine. Y'all motherfuckers are just prone to hyperbole. Both giving *and* receiving

Chicken wrapped in tin foil and frozen is also "fine" to some people.

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