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@defaultprophet: What exactly is damning about that? As was said earlier in this thread the military and law enforcement are taught to shoot to kill, right.

That is incorrect. In the military you are taught to shoot to kill. Police Officers are taught to shoot until the threat is removed.

That's a pretty important distinction.

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In this case ONLY the police who cannot be charged with crimes or who were standing the line would be allowed the latter.

In the United States, police absolutely can and do get charged with criminal offenses even if they were on duty when the alleged crimes occurred.

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aren't strongly political threads like these usually locked down on these forums? i know it's an important issue but i don't know if it's suitable material to be here, and i have seem them being locked for this very reason before. it also typically encourages circular arguments and jerkiness in the comments?

obviously not a fan of shutting people up for no reason, just seems like this isn't really the place to discuss these things and they could become overly heated.

Topics like this aren't forbidden, it's the behavior it brings out in some people that is the problem. We're watching the topic and will close it if gets too far out of hand.

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@stonyman65 said:

@rongalaxy: Yeah I know! Total bullshit. Why cops aren't required to have cameras on them at all times is bullshit. They can monitor us, but we can't monitor them.

What do you mean? People can and do have their own dash cams and personal video recorders and record police all the time, and the Supreme Court decided less than two years ago that people cannot be prevented from, or prosecuted for, filming the police in public. It's protected by the First Amendment.

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@deinile: TX is modular, quiet, has a high efficiency rating at 80+, and isn't too expensive. It's just a good balance of everything I'm looking for in a PSU, plus Corsair has incredible tech support & customer service and the TX has a standard 5 year warranty. I have a TX850 and the thing is so efficient and cool running that the fan doesn't even come on unless I'm running some kind of stress test.

All of the top manufacturers are pretty equal though, I think. Anything from Seasonic or Corsair and even EVGA is going to be a quality PSU. Even Corsair's budget Builder series are some of the most popular PSU's around due to the value they offer. The specs may all be slightly different but in the end, besides a slight noise level difference you may not even be able to tell the difference between the brands once they're installed and running. EVGA is one to seriously consider, their customer support is also excellent for all of their products and some of their PSU's carry ten year warranties, too. Corsair and EVGA are both known for going above and beyond in the customer care department even post-warranty, too. I've seen numerous reports over the years of PSU's from both companies being replaced out of warranty, or big upgrades being given to people upon PSU or GPU replacement when they definitely didn't have to.

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@corvak said:

... as the somewhat small team of mods ended up having to play fast and loose with the lock button over the past few months.

I'm sorry but threads aren't closed on Giant Bomb because we can't handle them, they are closed because they are disruptive or break the rules in some way. No one here is fast and loose with any lock buttons, but if you think a topic has been inappropriately or prematurely locked then I invite you to send us or Matt Rorie a PM to discuss it.

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I just had to delete a bunch of posts that had some off topic arguing, racism, personal attacks, and more. I'm too exhausted to worry about issuing about 6 or 7 separate warnings, but if this trend continues the next step is going to be to simply close the topic.

If you can't keep the discussion on topic and be civil to one another, then don't even bother posting. There are plenty of other places on the internet where people are free to be shitty to one another, and this isn't one of them. Thanks.

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There is actually a post after yours that has been deleted, you just can't see it. It still should report yours as the most recent one, though.

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I will never preorder a digital game, ever. The possibility of a poor or broken PC port, game breaking bugs on launch, or the game just being bad overall are too great to risk being stuck with a game I can't return. It's one thing to preorder physical copies of games that you can cancel later without penalty just to get the preorder bonuses (which are in and of themselves pretty gross and harmful to the industry) but Steam doesn't give refunds on games once they're released.

It's just way too much of a risk to buy expensive games sight unseen and before the general public and trusted reviewers have a chance to play them. I can live without a stupid exclusive DLC bonus sword or map or whatever it is that is being offered, and if I really need to save money I will wait until a post release sale. Preordering digital games is just all bad, and encourages things like Day One DLC and retailer specific bonuses, things we should be speaking with our wallets and discouraging rather than continuing to preorder game after game.

Make game developers earn your money by making amazing games. If there isn't going to be significant prerelease coverage of a game and there isn't a demo available, I see no reason why anyone should be buying these products early.

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@branthog : said:

However, for MGS . . . well, that is a sit on a sofa and look at the giant screen and relax with the 45m cut-scenes game, for me. I hope the port to PC is done justice -- but I'll almost certainly play it on PS4.

Same here, but I have a mini ITX machine for the living room hooked up to the big TV and a wireless Xbox 360 controller. Built the second PC for the living room after deciding to skip the new consoles altogether.

I have a "proper" desk with a 1440p/144hz monitor and my main gaming PC hooked up to that. I play about 75% of my games there. The rest, usually console ports or simple games designed for controllers, I play in the living room. Or I'll use Steam In-Home Streaming to stream a game to one of my Macbooks.

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