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@gunslingerpanda: I've actually been biding my time all these years, just waiting for the chance to strike and shill for a website so I can make a few cents! My nearly seven years of plotting has finally paid off, suckers!

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I'm wondering what you are planning on doing with this machine that would require or even take advantage of a 5820k? That is a monster of a processor and many would argue that it's extreme overkill for a gaming machine.

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@cornbredx: Well if you have a bunch of stuff to play and don't mind waiting a few months, I'm sure it will hit 50 then 75% off eventually on Steam. Probably during the impending Winter sale.

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@hassun said:

@mb: Yeah I definitely think they are exaggerating those numbers. But at the same time New Order did not even give me the option for certain graphics settings just because my GPUs have 2GB VRAM. So I would still say that is problematic. A GTX780Ti is also an extremely high-end card of course.

Yeah...I'm still downloading the game, I'm planning on installing the ultra textures pack to see how it runs at 1080p vs 1440p with the high textures.

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@hunkulese said:

Why are forum mods shilling for websites?

It's a commonly available code...and it's a good deal, I figured I would just let people know who were on the fence about buying the game. I'm not getting anything out of this and I'm not affiliated with Green Man Gaming, so it's not advertising. We have always allowed the sharing of deals on the forums if they aren't for personal gain.

If you still have a problem with this, send an email to Rorie at support@giantbomb.com. Otherwise, stop derailing topics. Good day sir.

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Code expires on Wednesday morning at 8am Pacific...still working as of the time of this post, I just used it.

$49.99 - 25% = $37.50. This will get you a digital pre-purchase retail Steam key.

Console gamers...sorry, this is for PC only, but you guys are used to overpaying for games anyway!

also read the post below this one, there seems to be a Brazilian site selling Mordor for even cheaper.

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@hassun: Which again is why I'm skeptical about these recommendations, because my 3gb 780 Ti handled Wolfenstein at 1080p/60 with everything maxed out with no problems whatsoever. The VRAM usage never even went above 2.5gb...so I'm not sure where they are even getting their 4gb from.

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Kevin VanOrd's review on GS calls the PS4 frame rate "iffy" -

"...The game's occasionally iffy frame rate doesn't make a strong argument for the power of the new console generation, but the burnt orange-brown cliffs and clouded skies are nonetheless given their proper due."

The game targets 60 fps on PS4, but can't maintain it all the time. I expect to see a Digital Foundry comparison coming soon.

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@hassun said:

@mb: Hm, I kind of think it is a trend. Whether it's a good or logical one is a different question of course but I think there could be a bump in top end VRAM "requirements" for PC games.

Nope...one setting on one game that recommends 6gb is not a trend. Unless I'm missing all of the other games that are recommending 6gb of VRAM. Saying that there could be a bump in the amount of VRAM requirements for PC games is a reasonable thing to say, but calling that hypothesis a trend based on one game doesn't fly.