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@SharkMan said:

i thought all films were shot in 24 frames, what's this?

Well it's not really film...it's video from a Red EPIC camera. You can find some examples on the web about what this looks like compared to stuff shot in 24fps.

I personally am not a fan, but I'll try to see both 24 and 48 FPS versions just to see what my preference is.

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If you don't expect anything, then everything will be a welcome surprise and you'll never be disappointed. Its a better life.

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I had someone in the early days of the site threaten to kill me and my entire family after I banned him for posting porn on the forums. Those were the days.

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@Akyho: Go to the interview and use it as practice. As soon as you've determined the job isn't for you, you're in a position of power over the interviewer and can commence messing with them and having fun with it.

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@Inkerman said:

I lost my shit at the "I can't hear you" line. Too bad this won't be made, Kevin Sorbo would be fucking amazing.

I have a feeling this flick is going to be made anyway. I mean...if this dude can get FDR: American Badass made, then this probably wouldn't be too much more difficult.

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Roasted Garlic is the best thing ever...if that's not available, fresh garlic will do. When I reheat pizza at home I usually add extra crushed garlic (I get it in tubes from the produce section) and put the pizza in the oven for a few minutes.


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I don't even know what to say about this...but yeah. It's got over $100,000 to go in the next day or so and clearly isn't going to make goal, but I funded it anyway....I guess that's a safe investment? At any rate, check out the page and here is a description:


In this film Helen Keller will go full on beast mode and battle the notorious Nightwolves that have attacked villagers and taken their eyesight and hearing for years. Trained in the woods in the way of the warrior, she does battle with the wolves that plagued her family for generations. Her weapon of choice is a sword that her blacksmith father made especially for her, engraved with the words “Natural Born Keller” on it.

Coincidentally I know Jessie Wiseman and it would be cool to see her get more work, but unfortunately it doesn't look like it'll be as an ass-kicking Helen Keller. Watch the trailer all the way through on the KS page...great stuff.

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This is also why you don't set your kickstarter to end in the middle of the night. That was dumb.

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At $28 short...would't the project starters just have funded it themselves? I know they're not supposed to but I'm sure it happens all the time...or maybe get on the phone and start calling people and asking them to throw in the last few bucks or something...I mean damn.

Even a homeless crackhead can scrape together thirty bucks.

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@DrWhat: The shot of BART really brought it all together.