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There are numerous threads that are for discussing music in general, or different genres of music, or various bands - I'm closing this because it holds no discussion value and is merely a collection of lists.

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Sexual favors. I'd say ask Sweep, but he probably blocked out the memories.

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@LordAndrew said:
" The name of the Aerial Grapple page actually ends with three spaces, a tab, and then another space. They should be removed. Normally malformed page names don't matter, but this is actually hindering my ability to process this data. "
@Echo said:
" Errr... Suck my dick or die! should be Suck My Dick or Die!  :0 "
@gbrading said:
" Acorn Software Products, Inc. -> Acornsoft. The software arm of Acorn Computers (who made the BBC Micro), which developed and published a number of games in the 1980's, including Elite (original pubisher). Acornsoft is the correct name.  Edit: An addendum which is an entirely separate issue, but I notice that the Acorn Electron isn't listed as a platform. Not sure how to go about requesting its addition though. "
These are all done.
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I liked the campaign, didn't touch the multiplayer though. 4/5. 

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...and I challenge all Giant Bomb users to post their threads in the appropriate forum and not lump everything into General Discussion. I think the Gabe Newell thing might be easier.  
Moved to Steam.

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I tend to split my time evenly between my Xbox 360, PC, and my Mac. I rarely use my PS3 for anything except watching BRD's. 

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" Dave told me that they are still working on it. Something to with bandwidth or something he said. "

Engineering bandwidth...as in, manpower. 
This could be a great way for me to earn points on my Amazon Visa though - PayPal me your subscription fee, I'll pay it for you with my credit card, and earn free Amazon gift certificates in the process!
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The game was recently updated with a bunch of new items and enemies, so it's on sale for a bit. Probably the best three bucks I have spent on the App Store over the course of the last couple of years, it's worth a look if you need a new game for your iOS device.

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@Chavtheworld: YES!