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These Telltale games are becoming a chore. I may pick this up when it hits 80% off on Steam or something like that.

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This seems like entirely too much work and completely unrealistic to maintain.

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It's different in every state, and this is way beyond the scope of what is appropriate for the forums, dude. Look it up on Google.

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Not sure why certain people became so aggressive and argumentative in a simple topic on a video game forum.

I'm just going to close this instead of trying to salvage it, but some of you, without naming names, really need to review the rules and consider your behavior on this site and how you relate to others before you post anything else on the forums. Give me a break.

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Well this thread is really going places.

You can always PM, email, or Tweet staff members if you want to directly criticize some part of their work you take issue with.

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Polls are busted.

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Which GPU driver version are you using?

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I think this topic has collapsed.

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Double check that you're running at least bios Rev 17 for proper Devils Canyon support on that Z87 board. Also disconnect those old hard drives for now to try and narrow down the problem.