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@nightriff: Alright then...don't buy it? It's two dollars. I would think it's worth it at that price just to have in your library just in case.

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@nightriff said:

Tempted to pick up Mount Your Friends. How is the single player on it? Don't know how often if ever I'll be able to play with/against someone.

Mount Your Friends has online multiplayer.

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Big one today for me looks like Mount Your Friends for $1.99, that is the lowest it has ever been as far as I know.

The hidden gem today may just be Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines for $4.99. Hell of an RPG, it's a bit dated but worth playing if you missed it up until this point. Discounts to $4.99 are nothing new for this game either, though.

Saints Row IV is $4.99 again if you missed last week's pre-sale.

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I don't think PC and consoles should even be compared, for the most part. Consoles definitely have their place, but that being said...I'll probably never own one again. Unless consoles suddenly take a huge leap in power and gain all sorts of functionality, having a console would just feel like a massive downgrade at this point. I am also way too used to a minimum of 60 fps in games now at 1440p, while usually playing games at 120 or 144 fps. I can't deal with 30 fps (or less) anymore, and I really can't deal with being locked into a controller for everything.

I could go on and on about this but consoles just aren't for me anymore. Maybe in 6-7 years when the new consoles come out they'll actually be worth considering, I doubt it though.

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I haven't forgotten about Transistor. I'm still a bit interested in it, but I just can't justify buying it at SuperGiant's current asking price. I have more games in my backlog than ever, I'll pick it up eventually when it's around $5 or less.

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There should be an announcement about this very soon, don't worry its not a bug or anything like that.

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I'm guessing November 2015, if only because these complex theories are rarely correct.

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@treetrunk said:

@mb: Yeah lol

hmm... I might buy Metro Redux from Nuuvem as well...

Well...the Metro Redux Bundle was just $16.99 before the Winter Sale started. Now it's $24.98 at 50% off as a Daily Deal. I was waiting for it to go on sale again for at least $16.99, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Strange that they would discount it more before the sale started. The Nuuvem price is definitely better.

I already own 2033 and Last Light, before the sale owners of the originals were getting 50% discounts on the Redux versions. Now that's gone, and it's just 50% off...which is what it would have cost me anyway.

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@mb: Wow I had no idea! It was exclusive when I got it. Those new controllers better be reactive as hell lol.

Yeah...I'm sure the game has an extreme amount of auto aim.

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@treetrunk: Console versions of Shadow Warrior came out a couple months ago.