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I didn't play it, but i understand spec ops did the whole wheels falling off thing?

It's more about a soldier's descent into madness than anything. I won't spoil too much because I think it's worth a play, especially since you can rip through it in just four or five hours and it regularly goes on sale on Steam for $5.99. The shooting is decent and it looks alright, too. I'm sure it'll hit 90% off in one of these Steam sales someday.

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After a prologue the Judea declares war on Germany as you join the Wehrmacht.

I think that a WWII game from the German POV could be fantastic... but that is a !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REALLY FRIGHTENINGLY QUESTIONABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way of describing how that war started.

For real. That is some revisionist bullshit that has been used in the past by Holocaust deniers to justify Hitler's actions leading up to, and during, World War II. Describing the calls to boycott German goods and services in protest to Hitler seizing control of the German government in 1933 as a "Declaration of War" is a gross mischaracterization of what was actually going on at the time. By 1933, Hitler had a proven track record of anti-Semitism dating back well over a decade, and the calls for economic sanctions were a last resort when it was clear he would soon control not only the German government, but it's military as well.

@krakancat, please be extremely careful about the direction you intend to take this conversation on Giant Bomb.

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Yes. MundaneMatt. One of the youtubers who were originally involved had his information doxxed. This ended with him bowing out of a lot of the GG discussion due to the attention/harassment he was receiving. He's very open about the issue, so I'm sure he'd be willing to disclose what happened. I'm sure he has on his blog somewhere.

Except earlier you stated that, and let me quote you here:

You're just being unreasonable, and are completely disregarding logic.

1) The internet can be used by anyone with an internet connection, this includes twitter

2) Anyone that applies to rule one, can post using ANY hashtag

3) Because of 1 and 2, does not mean the person is a "part" of the group and what they represent

So, earlier you dismissed all of the harassment and death threats as "anyone with an internet connection can do it" and claimed that they could not be positively attributed to Gamergate, yet just hours later you are claiming the exact opposite to support your other position that "both sides are guilty."

Which one is it? Is it that anyone can claim any hashtag and nothing is positively attributable to any group, or are both sides equally guilty?

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@defaultprophet: I don't understand who you're "seeing". I'm a perfectly normal individual who agrees with GG's core principals. I agree the harassment/threats/doxxing is terrible, and I hope it doesn't happen again to anyone involved. Including both sides.

You can call ti a tactic, but that doesn't mean what I said isn't true. Because there is no control over who uses the hashtag, anyone can say things that are against the "movement". I mean someone was literally giving out free smashbrothers codes for the demo is they harassed someone using the GG hashtag. That person was one of the extreme anti-GGers obvious, but it really goes the same both ways. There are people that are going to tyr to rile up both sides by saying inflammatory things.

That is the internet as we know it today, until something changes.

Is there any evidence in the historical record that proves both sides are guilty of harassment, doxxing, death threats, and executing carefully orchestrated smear campaigns regarding individuals' private lives?

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No one here can help you with this. You already contacted Steam support, unfortunately you're just going to have to keep waiting.

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@thefriend: Please review the rules as Chaser linked above. If you have questions or concerns about moderation, send us a PM. Thanks.