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@ichthy said:

Man I feel real bad for the developer. I mean sure if I were a backer I'd be irritated that I lost my $50, but that guy's life got ruined from the whole experience.

I wouldn't go so far as to say it got "ruined" - evidently he had a full time job during the entire time this game was being developed, and the Yog game was just a side project. He said he got divorced, but who knows what the reasons for that really were.

It seems like a bunch of excuses to me. He's trying to get people to feel sorry for him to draw attention away from the fact that he squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars of Kickstarter money and has nothing to show for it other than thousands of pissed off backers.

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^ is a duderette.

I'm ok with being referred to as El Duderino as well as dude, duder, or almost any variation thereof.

Also yes I'm abusing my power by responding to a closed thread. Deal with it, dudes!

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Well I don't play Dota2. Haven't played a single match, or even installed the client ever. (tho I dabbled in the original Warcraft 3 mod way way back in the day when it was still a weird little fun map)

Same here. I've tried to watch some commentated matches but the ultra high energy from the announcers I've seen just bugs me to death, that and I don't understand any of the lingo or really what is happening at all. I just can't get into it.

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@themasterds: Last I heard from Vinny it was supposed to be by 12PM PDT but he was shooting for earlier if possible.

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Hey guys, just a heads up - the UPF archive from GB East will be going up tomorrow morning. GB West is up now.

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@shaka999 said:

1. Does it make that much of a difference if I load the OS onto a USB or disc?

2. Would one medium be faster than the other (I mean the actual process of loading the OS from the medium to the HD)?

3. Anything else I need to keep in mind while I do this?

Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome.

1. It won't make any difference

2. USB or disc may be faster depending on the speed of your devices, hard to say.

3. If you go the USB route, you need to make it bootable. I like using Rufus. Download your ISO from Microsoft, point Rufus at it and tell it which USB device you want to use, and hit Start. Then Rufus will do everything else. After that, plug it into your new build and then boot from it and install Windows.

If you haven't bought Windows yet and can get 8.0 for cheaper than 8.1, do it. 8.1 is a free upgrade. Try not to overpay too much...personally I just get keys from MSDN resellers (grey area), or for students there is always DreamSpark.

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@irvandus said:
  • Lots of people will argue lockpicking isn't worth it but bashing your way through everything is really harmful to your equipment. So if you don't want to be repairing constantly maybe pick it up.

I'm definitely one of those people who think lockpicking isn't worthwhile. I don't bash down doors, I burn them down with spells to avoid the durability hit. Same with chests.