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You know, I really liked Inquisition. I put about 90 hours into it and I feel like I saw all I wanted to see in that game. As much as I enjoyed it, I just have no desire to revisit that world.

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this gonna be paid dlc?

It's EA, I'm guessing it will be paid. If it was free, EA PR would have been screaming that at the top of their lungs on every social media outlet out there.

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I was doing some thinking about what the remaining Evolution staff will be doing. I figure they will be tasked with cranking out some DLC and then dismissed, or perhaps some of them will be offered positions at other Sony studios.

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Podcast up here at 9:00PM here tonight.

Like others, looking forward to some kind of QL...

Did you see the schedule for tomorrow? There's a Bloodborne Quick Look Live tomorrow at 11:00 Pacific.

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@mb: Disgaea 5, man. Makes it all worthwhile.

I thought Destiny was the one that was going to make it all worthwhile?

Ooooh...too soon? :D

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@finaldasa: Yeah, I tried. No dice. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.

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I guess Twitch is overloaded with reset requests right now. I have requested two password reset emails hours ago and they still haven't shown up. Maybe I'll try tomorrow, it's not like I use that password for anything else anyway.

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@nime said:

It looks good but does it look $450 good... Hmmm...

Don't forget your PlayStation Plus subscription and tax. For me, Bloodborne would be a $550 investment. I just can't justify that kind of expense to play a game, and there really aren't any other PS4 exclusives that I am even remotely interested in. If I was going to invest that big of a chunk of cash into gaming right now, it would be into another monitor or perhaps another GPU.

I'm glad the reviews are looking good, though! Maybe one day down the line I'll end up with a PS4, or can borrow one to play the couple of exclusives that interest me or something like that.

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I recommend wiping all data from your phone and doing a factory restore.

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My suggestion for the password is hitthatbigassramp