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I edited in Call of Duty 2 and it broke the poll. However, one could argue that the poll was even more broken without COD2 as an option.

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I though the last gen version were completely without the nemesis system. Is that not true?

That's what I thought, too. It's hard to tell from this video, maybe the system is stripped down somehow.

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Wow...that combat at the end looked like it was running at about 10 fps, complete with tearing. The facial animations did make me laugh, though. That's too bad, it's such a great game.

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@arbitrarywater said:

Ah, finally. Those people who only own a Wii U but still are into 3rd party games can finally play the game people were disappointed about 6 months ago!

I wonder if those three people preordered the game already?

Seriously though. At least the Wii U is getting another third party game, I hope it isn't too awful.

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So does the game crash if you unplug your internet, or does it mean you don't get any dynamic events? Pretty much the only question that requires answering instead of this conjecture on all sides.

From what I understand the game simply is not playable offline, like Diablo 3 on PC or an MMO.

Also...the game has cosmetic microtransaction now. Yay.

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@yukoasho said:

At least it wasn't an indie game by a woman, I suppose. The press would be ripping into anyone daring to criticize it then...

And this is how to get your topic instantly closed on the forums. Don't do this again.

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Please try to put some more thought into your topics. Imagine if there were one of these topics for every game on sale anyone on GB thought looked fun.

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The outposts were my favorite thing in Far Cry 3 anyway, now that you can do them co-op and reset them as many times as you want...that is awesome.