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If you're going to start topics, please put some thought into them and start an actual discussion instead of just dropping a link and some pictures.

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If you are implying that only people who have actually bought the game have the right to complain about these exploitative practices, I very much disagree.]

Uh no. I'm wondering how many people preordered and then regretted it, but thanks for assuming the worst.

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I sincerely doubt it. Microsoft needs at least a couple of good reasons for people to buy an Xbox One.

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@zeik: I am one of those that has serious reservations about buying games that won't even run at 60 fps. I have a 144hz monitor so much of the time I'm playing at 120 or 144. 30 is so distracting to me it just sucks all the fun out of the game, I refuse to deal with it if there is anything at all I can do to avoid it. Sometimes that means skipping games that run like shit.

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@adequatelyprepared: From what I understand, games using the idTech 5 engine see those huge 5gb+ patches because of the megatextures. So to fix one little problem, they have to patch the entire texture which is multiple gigabytes in size.

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Played Insurgency for the first time after being gifted a copy out of the Humble 4-pack and it is a ton of fun. Anyone else new at this (or not so new) and want to get together for some co-op terrorist shooting action?

You can find me in the GB Steam Group or here

Latest Humble Jumbo Bundle here.

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This must be the practice mission for landing on the giant asteroid that is on a collision course with earth, so a team of misfits can drill into it's core and blow it up. Was that Armageddon or Deep Impact? Or both?

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sometimes I think an emperors new clothes thing happens when it comes to framerate and resolution. Im not saying people are lying but when someone says "Look how bad this frame rate is" its almost a confirmation bias type effect (probably not the right term but hopefully someone understands what I'm rambling about)

Just because you aren't sensitive to low or variable frame rates doesn't mean others aren't. The fact that frame rate comes up so much should be an indication to you that it is indeed an issue for many, many people. Low frame rates on consoles are one of the main reasons I upgraded my PC last year and skipped both the Xbox One and PS4 and will probably never buy them.

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@bradbrains said:

I guess the question might be: Would you rather pay substantially more money for a game with the guarantee of no micro(or whatever you want to call it) transactions?

That might be a reasonable question if Ubisoft wasn't making profits hands over fist already. Despite huge development costs, Ubisoft is still profiting about a billion dollars a year. It's straight up money grabbing.

Not to mention they are cranking out at least one AC game every year like clockwork, whether that game is ready or not. Unity is a buggy mess, yet they still had plenty of time to code in an entire microtransaction system. That made it in.

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I'd also switch out the 4790k for a 4690k and add an aftermarket CPU cooler like an NH-D14, unless you plan on doing video editing or something like that.

The Antec 300 is a bit small and dated as well, there are a lot of better options out there.