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Isn't it generally accepted that the premium version of the podcast is worse than the normal version because it cuts the brilliant ads out?


Also, the trend of clickbait-style headlines for forum posts on the Giant Bomb forums is getting a bit ridiculous.

I fixed it. I actually edit thread titles daily to make them more descriptive, or will ask users to come up with a better title on their own. The most common offense is threads with titles such as, "I have a question????????"

Vague or intentionally misleading thread titles are an annoyance we specifically spelled out in the rules as something we don't want on the forums. I don't want anyone to feel bad about their thread titles though; we realize that forums are a new thing for many people, so if your topic's title gets changed or you are asked to change it, don't feel too bad about it. It isn't a big deal at all, we all have been doing this daily for years at this point.

Vague thread titles: The reader should be able to tell what your topic is about without clicking on it. Topics with intentionally vague or misleading titles are subject to editing or deletion.

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I'd drop $60 on it if it came for $60 because it won't have a huge DLC packed store when you open the game and a billion pre-order pre-purchase DLC bullshit solutions. It's already treating people with respect. Buy that and help the industry future. Stop buying games that treat gamers like sheep who after the first $60 purchase of an incomplete low-content game will happily hand over another $40.

This whole post is ironic because the game isn't even finished yet, and we barely even know what the game part will be.

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@krevee: Why not just get one, you can find them for under $5 and they will last years.

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@rollingzeppelin: Get one of those brushes dude, you won't believe you went without one for so long.

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@cookiemonster: I've been fully bearded for the last few years and this is what I learned: gentle soap a few times a week, otherwise just warm water. A few drops of jojoba oil daily, and daily use of a boar's hair brush. That's it. I never, ever use any kind of harsh shampoo or conditioner on my beard. This regimen absolutely works, I met my current girlfriend when she saw my beard and felt compelled to come up to me and ask to touch it. She was amazed at how soft it felt, she expected it to be bristly and gross.

Jojoba oil is the best for beards because it doesn't clog up the pores on your skin and is loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids. The boar's hair brush will not only distribute the natural oils of your skin and the jojoba oil, but will help your beard lay down and not be so wild looking. The brushing will really help your skin condition as well as feeling amazing in the process. In the US you can find both of these products at beauty supply shops or on Amazon for under $10.

I have two different boar's hair brushes, a soft oval one and a double sided one that has two different stiffnesses. I use the stiffest first, then work my way down to the softest one for helping my beard lay down and look more groomed.

You don't need any fancy beard balms or any crap like that. Here is the stuff I use...I have never spent more than $10 on jojoba oil and never more than $5 on a brush. One 4oz bottle of jojoba oil lasts me more than a year since I only use a few drops a day.

Amazon - Jojoba Oil

Amazon - Brush Strokes Oval Military Brush - Boar Hair Soft

Amazon - Double Sided Boar Hair Brush

Some further reading on beards and jojoba oil

If you are serious about learning more about beards and how to maintain yours, I suggest the forum and community over at Jeff's Beard Board. It's one of the nicest and most welcoming communities I've ever seen on the internet.

Good luck!

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It's one of my favorite movies. A 7.9/10 average from that many people on IMDB is pretty good, you know.

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750 ti requires a 400w psu, so thats out...

I'm not sure which one you're looking at, but the EVGA 750 Ti that I recommended lists a 300w PSU on it's data sheet. It doesn't require an additional PCI-E connector and draws only a few watts more power under load than the 750 does. Even the EVGA 750 Ti Superclocked only requires a 300w minimum.


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They really gotta change that name.

Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for 9 bucks is about as good a deal as you can possibly get. If you haven't played that game, you really really should.

Amazon has had it for $7.50 before. Gamestop digital download was $5.99 in December around the time of the Steam sale. When I got it, I bought it on Origin for $9.99, and that was two years ago. Anything around $10 or less is still a good deal though.

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What do you hope to be able to do with a new GPU? The non-Ti 750 is exponentially more powerful than your CPUs built-in Intel HD4600 graphics...but that's not saying much, really. The 750 Ti is a much better option but of course it's a lot more expensive. It only draws a little bit more power than the regular 750 and still doesn't need a PCI-E power connector, at least the EVGA version doesn't. It will work on a 300w PSU, too.

Whatever you decide, just order it from Amazon or somewhere with a liberal return policy and try it out. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work and then you get your money back.

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@gamefreak9: Dude, come on - did you really just bump a week-old thread with a video embed?

... sorry? a week isn't that old... hardly much of a bump

In the future if you're going to bump a thread, please have something to actually contribute other than just pasting in a video.