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We tried to code a bot that would take Gawker articles and turn them into journalism but it's beyond mankinds current technological ability - @Totalbiscuit


Id rather take a bath with my father than contribute to ad-clicks on that website.

That Cookie guy is click-bait/internet drama in human form. He's the Sean Hannity of video games.

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Thank you and good luck, duder!


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Great article as always - makes me wonder who the audience is for Early Access is nowadays?

People who are interested in game development?

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It's something the publisher decides and it's based on how much money they pump into the development, marketing etc.

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The notion that reviews of creative works should advocate for "the consumer" irks me.

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I'm just gonna say this: You'll never regret having played "too little" video games.

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None , its a bullshit term made by hipsters journos to undermine any game they dont like.

Except that it was made up by Clint Hocking. Lead Designer on Splinter Cell and Far Cry 2. Source

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So Immersive. So Visceral.

VISCERAL GAMES - It's in our blood.

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Is providing proof too much to ask for?