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Heh, reminds me of the first TF2 update. Remember that? You had to send in your UPC cutout from the game manual, five General Mills cereal box tops, $2.37 for shipping and handling, and a signed permission slip from your parents. All that for the five CD set that contained the Medic weapons. Good times, man, good times.

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The French are a secular nation. It has nothing to do with hating anyone or their practices and beliefs. It has little to do with what a burqa represents. It has everything to do with the laws that the French Republic were founded on. The state will not interfere with the freedom of thought and religion so long as religion does the same. In this case, the government feels a line has been crossed.


Read about it.

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Some of y'all don't like to read. Or think. See, the reason it'll come in episodes is so that you don't have to download a big ol' file and have it take up space on that exceptionally roomy hard drive that Microsoft decided to give you. Not everyone has Internet fast enough where they can sit down and decide "I'd like to play this game. 15GB download? No problem, it'll be ready in 30 minutes!"

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I'm an African American of Dutch ancestry.

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This is a, hopefully, never ending list about what I would never do if I were a fat woman. Please, feel free to add your own if you think about this like I do.

  • Wear a miniskirt.
  • Tube top!
  • Buy two bags of chips from the vending machine.
  • Average 5 status updates an hour.
  • Text my mom while walking.
  • DIET Coke.
  • Drive a VW Beetle.
  • Use a rolling backpack.
  • Join a dance class at the gym.
  • Tights!
  • Start a YouTube channel.
  • Ignore fat men while feeling lonely.
  • Be the life of the party.
  • Stand up comedy.
  • Modeling.
  • Cashier at a donut shop.
  • Use a Rascal scooter at Wal-Mart.
  • Too much makeup.
  • World of Warcraft.
  • Renaissance fair.
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Damn, you guys came up with some good ones, shit...
I like Death Row pretty well, I'm assuming my professor will be cool with it. WILL HE GET IT?

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I'm writing a speech and I want it to have a silly title. It's about my crazy capers going canoeing with my brother. The jist of it is that we can't steer the damn thing, run into rocks, trees, and people, and eventually tip over and I save the day. Story is silly with a bit of peril mixed in. I want the stupidest ass pun you can think of, preferably referring to my brother and his extremely poor rowing skills. Pretty sure this counts as charity. HELLO TAX WRITE-OFF!

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I want to buy a new console. Right now, I have a two year old PC (that had older parts in it when I bought it) and a launch 360 (sans HDMI port and with a 20GB HD).
So, should I get a PS3, an updated 360, or a new PC? PS3 sounds cool, since I don't have one, but buying a new system just to play the five or six games I can't on the platforms I already have may be a waste... Then again, buying more of the same may be as well. But having an HDMI cable and room to install games would make my 360 experience better. And I also use my PC waaaaaaay more than my consoles, but I could buy three consoles for the price of a new one.
Got any input to sway me in a particular direction?

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Donate your time! Go find a homeless shelter or a children's home or something. It's much more fulfilling, you save money (sorry, but I need to buy useless shit), and you can guarantee that your contributions are actually helping someone.
Go out and help.

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God damnit. I bought two copies of this like a week ago for me and my brother, and now you're telling me I could've saved $10?
That's enough for some useless pack of games from the early 90's.