PS3.. You can do it..

I think the PS3 has made up a lot of ground this year and it's now my most played console of all three. This is mainly due to the free online and the fact that I haven't renewed my XBox Live gold account yet. Nintendo on the other hand (i think) have really abandoned the core gamer. I have not played a Wii game since Mario Galaxy (except for the very short time I had with Mario Kart). Let's hope Mad World for the Wii brings some love back to Nintendo for the serious gamer. 
On another note, why is it that I still find myself thinking games look better on 360 when Playstation is the superior spec'ed console. Is it that hard to program on? First party Sony games look great but when I have a choice to buy a game on 360 or PS3, I keep finding myself going for 360. I think this might turn around soon as I did buy Mirror's Edge and Far Cry 2 on PS3 and they both look great.