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@DG991 said:

" @Khann: Not really, like I said he plays things he doesn't like for way to long to prove a point. DCU for example.  Also, yea Vinny is underrated. He is a FUNNY dude.  "

You serious? He had to force himself to play through DCU because a review of the game needed to go on the site. I find it laughable that you're revering him for playing through a game and giving it a review like any competent reviewer would.  
Also, you must be extremely naive if you think he created GB just to say "Fuck you" to GameSpot. The guy was out of a job, and creating a website with a big fan base behind him and some of other GS guys was a smart business move. 
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Looks great! Too bad we won't be able to play it until sometime next year...

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Sure, some of you might think it'll be "fun" to not release any info about the game, but think of that from a business perspective. Who's going to buy a game that no one knows anything about? That most people haven't even heard about? Think about it.

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I can't believe WoW's subscription numbers are still climbing. However, it is an MMO and it will feel the test of time soon enough. Then again, by that time I'm sure a WoW 2 will have rolled around.

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This is not news. This is the opposite of news.

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I'm getting it for the PS3 because swapping out discs is something I stopped doing once the PS2 was released. Go figure.

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Spent, Jeff. Spent.

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What'd you have to drink? Any hard liquor or just wine?

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The $0.98 is a great deal for anyone who hasn't played the original yet, as it is still a classic. Luckily I have the original HL in one of my old Steam accounts, so no need to shell out a buck. ;)

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I'm probably planning to get Left 4 Dead, so I'll definitely play with you. However, I'm still deciding between the 360 or PC version myself. 

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