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This is just the fuckin' absolute best.

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I just wanted to pass on my sincere condolences to everyone at Giant Bomb. I never met Ryan but he, and the entire GB crew, feel like close friends due to the stupid amount of time I've spent listening to podcasts, watching videos and reading articles here on the site, just the kind of close friends you never get to meet. I will miss the guy. My Wednesday commute to work won't be the same. Nor will sleepless nights sat in front of a computer.

I hope you're being well looked after, Mr. Davis.

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@smcn said:

2012 rolls on as the most embarrassing year for people who like video games and aren't manchildren.

I'm a manchild and I'm pretty embarassed.

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Super rad!

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Sound advice in this thread.

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I have had the worst team-mates of late, just ignoring me getting jacked by the Assassin... disgusting T___T

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@Demoskinos said:

@McBradders I've had a few of those. My team bands together and fights the other team off the anni.....and then we all just kinda stand there cause everyone is a couple hundred short to actually activate it.

It's always so damned awkward. Everyone just stands there looking at each other XD

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If I'm safe, I'll taunt. It can mean the difference between activating the Anni or not... getting there and not being able to fire it off when it is clear is the damned worst.

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Get the Product that negates a slow effect every 30 seconds. You instantly become way more survivable against Assassins.

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5874 yen for a copy of Ninja Warriors again. 4800 yen for Return of Double Dragon and about that much twice over for Marvel War of the Gems and X-Men Mutant Apocolypse. All on the SNES. I like my old SNES games :)