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I spend all day making iPhone and iPad games for clients and sometimes ourselves at the company Stand Alone. I've worked on Shanghai for iOS and one of the first games for the platform, Blackjack 21. I'm currently working on my latest game Words Play which is "yet another word game" for the platform. ;)

I'm a game geek who has written many video game websites, FAQs and guides in my past (started in 1995), present and likely future too. I'm most known for covering the Mortal Kombat series for over 16 years and currently maintain the longest running Mortal Kombat fan site: TRMK where I also created what is now the only website for the fun but little known arcade game The Grid that was also made by the Mortal Kombat team.

I also now have a Giant Bomb wiki page now too for games I've been credited on.

You can find me online here:

Blog: Infinite Shamrock

Twitter: @mccarron and @TRMK

Xbox Live: McCarron

PSN: McCarronX

Steam: norraccm

Game Center: McCarron