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Can't wait, I'm SOOO going to lose in every game but I plan on having fun doing so.

I may enter Divekick with my Donkey Konga Bongos as well, actually 90% sure I will be doing that now.

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Thanks @edder! Came here to ask the same thing, got my poster today but don't want to take it out to measure it until ready to be framed.

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For those who missed it, here's some photos on our Flickr page:

Also the tournament results:

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@rempresent said:

I'm there. Finally some benefits to living in Iowa.

You're driving in from Iowa? That's bad ass!

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Hello Midwest Duders,

As part of IGDA Chicago I decided we'd host a Divekick Developer Q+A Panel and Tournament.

Here are some quick details.

Where: 1871 on the 12th floor of the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, IL

When:Friday, September 20th, 2013 starting at 6:30

Who: YOU!

How much: FREE!

Platform: PS3

How:Sign Up on EventBrite

The event will start with a post mortem Q&A panel featuring the game's developers discussing the ins and outs of the development process. You'll be able to get some insights into the development of the idea and what it took to get the game published, as well as ask questions of the developers.

Following that, there will be a Divekick tournament. So start brushing up on your Diving and Kicking skills now so you can go home the Chicago Divekick Champion! It'll be first come first served, so don't forget to get there early to check in.

The top 5 winners will be able to take home their own unofficial Divekickers Hat. If you didn't win one in @fluxwavez's tournament, now is your chance! You too can look like Dave Lang if you place well!

We also have 3 Divekick posters as well for prizes.

For additional details and to sign up, check out the EventBrite event page.

Also feel free to ask me any questions here.

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@thdemn said:

@mccarron: You are totally on there, facing Musou (W slot)

I don't see my info listed under Entrants anywhere, which is important because you can't search and find me on Steam by my ID. The URL which I posted is needed to find my profile on Steam.

And on the Challonge page you spelled my name wrong, which is why I couldn't find it. I'll reach out to @musou.

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@gaspower said:

@thdemn: Can we implement a DQ option for testers/developer/EVO placers rule in the tourney to give a chance for us scrubs since the EVO CHAMP @meansaltine is in the tournament as well? :p :p :p :p

Not this again... :p

@thdemn: Any reason why I'm not included? I replied on page one, did I get DQed?

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I've decided to use Kenny, good way to learn how all the characters move better and the various match ups.

On PS3/Vita I use Down and X, on PC I use D and K right now.

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The Divekick hats for the tournament have arrived. With this hat you can easily win your local Dave Lang cosplay contest and the riches and fame the victory will bring with it.

But in order to win, you must place in the top three of the tournament, only then shall I send you one of these "one of a kind" hats.

DiveKick Hats, LangZone Approved
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Got my bongos and this adapter, and went to testing. I can confirm this adapter works with the DK Bongos on both PC and PS3. I don't see why there would be any issue on PC, but may have an issue on PS3 navigating menus, etc.

On PS3 I started game (Injustice) with a controller went to the button remap menu and remapped buttons to the bongos and then swapped back to get into a game and swapped back again to play the game with the bongos. This may work better on PS3 with Divekick, depending on how much the menu system changed from the game menus at UFGT9. I'll find out once the game is out.