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Thanks for sharing the artwork @gaspower! I too also have a sudden urge to drink Pepsi @jacksukeru.

What placeholder art? MOST of the art you see in screenshots at the top of the Divekick Wiki Article is the final artwork (few exceptions due to older builds, etc). It's later at the bottom under the "Prototype" section you see the original placeholder artwork.

But I'm sure that's not the answer you want to hear. I think the art style fits what they are doing, but I've played a lot of the game.

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Looks like it hit 100+ people, more hats on order!

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@fluxwavez said:

I'm not into the idea of banning anyone who wants to participate, but it's comforting that most people agree with that. Again, since it's up to the prize givers' discretion concerning who's eligible or not to win, I'm not bothered by people who would just want to get prizes and it's all just for fun.

@methodman008: Though it is weird to see Keits comment on this community tournament directly, heh.

And as I posted that, he posts above.

My only prize stipulation is I won't allow @g_ to win another hat, that jerk has one already! :P In that case my hat prize goes to second place.

EDIT: HAH just noticed he already said that above, see my instincts were correct he'd defer that prize.

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Delusion and Keits with accounts..

The invasion begins.. :P

The other thing not mentioned here is people signing up just for the DK tournament is a great way to build the GB community. We all know GB is awesome, so spreading that knowledge is something I never want to stop doing. So banning low post count users doesn't make this a very welcoming community.

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I think banning people is taking it too far, it's not like we're playing for money here, we're celebrating the release of Divekick and to have fun! Plus I think I'd be somewhat happy to get bodied by somebody like G. :D

I came to type almost exactly what ToH did above, except for the bodying by G part, already have had that honor a few times as I've also bodied him back as I learned more.

The people with existing experience wont pose as great of a threat as people seem to be claiming, you'll pick the game up quick in the days before the tournament. Only time I can see anyone having an issue is if they picked up the game the day it came out and never played a single match online. Also it's never fun to be exclusionary.

Lets all just have fun and see where the tournament takes us.

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Here's a look at the hat, previously only available to those who have entered the Lang Zone. As I said earlier I'll make one just for the winner of this tournament to throw into the prize pool. Very few of these exist so should help raise the stakes.

PLUS if we get to 100+ entrants, I'll give a hat to each of the Top 3 players.

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I'm definitely in! PSN: McCarronX

I'll also donate a Divekick hat to the first place winner as I'm ordering some for the tournament I'm running in Chicago.

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I'm maining MarkMan for now, but I do need to develop a secondary character for certain matchups and need to do some more study in that area as I learn my matchup weaknesses.