2010 - Disappointments

A list of disappointing games or game hardware/events from 2010.

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Posted by ZombiePie

Short but sweet list. Also you misspelled "disappointment" on your title.

Posted by mccarron

Thanks for the heads up on that. I meant to add more to the list, just never got around to thinking about it more. 

Edited by Anamon

The PC version of Crazy Taxi had all the licensed stores except the FILA one. The PS3 and X360 versions were the first to remove all licensed content.

The soundtrack in the PC version was not the original Offspring/Bad Religion one, but still a licensed one (Acclaim decided to go for more recent releases of the genre). There's no "ya ya ya ya ya," but the tracks are, I think, much better than what was chosen for the X360 and PS3 versions.