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It eventually comes down to everyone (in totality) treating the internet as if it's no different than the average model life in reality. That "finding out what works" just really means ebbing in flowing through different social events, trends, norms -- until finally we accept and move past the realization that yes we're (partly) anonymous and that this tool we have to interact should really evolve past it's technical quirks where it just breaks down to just an ultimate form of communication.

Then everyone can try their best at being just like they are in real life, minus the role play and acknowledgment of the 'anonymous ego and self'.

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Guys' a total bigot, and an ass. So much idiocy involved on the male community side of things. Fuckin' get a grip.

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I wonder if they'll patch in support for more perks after the soft level-cap. It would entice players to continue their road to 81, at least for the DLC in the works.

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@Little_Socrates: Or they just wanted to finally nod back to the debut trailer and use a really good song... >_>

They blew it though without the vocals, or really an extended play.

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Should've ranked it, I want to see blood!

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I love Dave. Dave is lovely.

So is Drue!

If they ever invite Bodega on I'll loose my mind, in a bad way.

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Drew could go for a fps OR a driving game, erghh!!!

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I think Brad would be locked down for Skyrim. Everyone else is kind of wildcards from how I've read them as of late. Damn!

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@MrKlorox: Man, what a personality you got there!

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@Lunar_Aura: Generally, but in regards to games I think it's pretty contrary. There's usually no alternatives to "Hey! Please pay this, that, or what have you, for this DLC/subscription/content!" I'm not really talking about service providers, but even still -- if you get screwed on 360 you're upset because that's probably where your friends list resides, and so on.

There's no realistic way to send a clear message without forking over your hobby. There's got to be a better way aside from "don't buy it." That's just lazy.

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