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Same thing for me, doesn't do it in incognito mode.

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Do you ever meet the guy writing the guidebook? It says that 'we'll meet soon, i'll send the coordinates.' I haven't finished all of the side stuff, but have no incentive to do so as I've got all of the signature weapons..

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@jesterroyal: I closed my australia airports immediately after the challenge finished. Europe is very good, so this one is perfect for me!

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So where do we get that prize plane we supposedly won?

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Before I can justify purchasing Diablo III, I need some concerns addressed. Many of the "features" in the game seem to be similar to those found in Facebook/social games, and I have no interest in those exploitative methods. Does Diablo III seem "balanced around" features such as the real-money AH? The cynic in me assumes that getting "good" loot will be very difficult without spending real money, kind of like in ME3 multiplayer: "You need 99999999999 credits to buy this gear pack, but you can skip grinding all of those credits for the low low price of 240 points!" These tactics exploit people with gambling tendencies, and I will in no way support it.

Secondly, will there be a way to "filter out" players who purchase their gear with real money so they can't enter a game I'm in? From the FAQ, it looks like there is no way to separate players, which is a concern for when they get around to implementing PvP.

Diablo has always been kind of a "slot machine" and it's disappointing that Blizzard seems to be evolving the gambling aspects of the game to the point of looking like "LootVille." Now that the game is out, is my cynical view wrongheaded or correct? Thanks for your answers.

The real money auction house hasn't been turned on yet so we don't know what that will do. Currently there is an auction house to spend your ingame currency on stuff being sold by other players. I'm near the end of act 3 and I think it's awesome, I've sold dozens of rare items and gems and bought more too. It's helpful but not game breaking, and I look forward to seeing how it develops. From what I originally understood, the real money auction house works on the same principle - Blizzard aren't selling any items, it's all player run.

The game is great, it's more diablo 2. Just go buy it.

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So what's so addictive about the Diablo series? I don't doubt his issue or anything, but not having played a Diablo game, I have a hard time understanding why you'd be able to play that game for so long and still be addicted.

I've played Borderlands and Torchlight, and in those games you just reach a point where you've seen pretty much everything in the game, you have such amazing gear that nothing good ever seems to be dropping anymore, and you eventually just lose interest.

What makes Diablo any different?

I think the addictiveness of Diablo (and similar games) comes from the amount of character customization. Diablo 2 went insanely deep, between skill points and rune words as well as the magic drop rate, that it became exactly like gambling. One more shot and maybe you'll get the thing, you know? It becomes easy to lose yourself in the loop of "One more monster. . . this item isn't good, one more monster. . ." and then trying to buff up your stats in order to get or use the magical items.

I still don't see how that's any different than Torchlight or Borderlands, both of which I was compelled to stop playing once I had earned top-tier loot and seen all of the content in each respective game. How does Diablo do a better job at handling the "end game" situation?

More variety of rare items, deeper customisation.

With gems, runes, socketed items and unique legendary items, it means that you could play for years and never find the items you really want. The other games just haven't taken it to the same extreme.

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Try posting in the right forum and you will get meaningful replies.

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@Twilight: It actually looks the same as it always has.. The main selling point for me of the premium membership was the HD content. If you don't think the membership is worth the pittance that they ask per month, then don't complain about the video quality!

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To kill the plague dragon i stood 50 yards away from it and fired 120ish arrows at him. Take lots because he's got a shit load of HP, it just seemed easier to do at the time!