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The idea that we vote on things and then just keep voting on them multiple times until the wanted result is achieved doesn't sit well with me. The impact of Brexit to my area of interest (UK research) is very likely to be profoundly negative and I don't want to leave the EU primarily because of this. That said, if we don't honor the outcome of a referendum then the impact will be profoundly negative on democratic process overall and that would be even worse in my eyes.

I mean that's how real elections would do it. You keep voting 'til you get an actual majority (or you come to some sort of coalition agreement).

Referendums are so much different than regular voting.

While voting for a MP/PM/President is important, it's a vote for a representative to make decisions for you, and it's one of many representatives. In other words, there's plenty of safety nets in place no matter who the PM/President is.

Referendums aren't like that at all. People literally vote on a decision that should be relegated to the experts voted in by the public. The UK population probably didn't understand that.

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Quebec had a referendum to leave Canada in the 90's. It failed by about 1%. However, because of that, Quebec got a lot more negotiating power. They wanted to be more distinct from the other Canadian provinces, and got that (good luck traversing without any knowledge of French now). And now, in 2016, there's no hubub about Quebec wanting to leave Canada.

I agree with others that turnout was probably lower because WHO ACTUALLY EXPECTED THIS TO PASS?!?!?!? Also, some Leaver voters probably just wanted more negotiating power with the EU.

It's ridiculous that this passed, lol.

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@habster3 said:

No. The isolated concept of having children sounds great, but my genes aren't great and I can't imagine I'd be a very good father. It wouldn't be fair to them, really.

Whatever life you'd give them would still be better than no life at all.

Disagree with that. Plenty of kids grow up in broken homes or end up neglected/ in foster homes.

There's plenty enough people on the planet to give people a choice whether or not to have their own kids.

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@zevvion said:

One thing I've noticed is a real adversity towards 4K from some people, saying it 'doesn't look that much better'. It's just so similar to when HD first rolled around. People just haven't seen it yet or aren't used to it yet so they're skeptical. Even your thread says 'do you want 4K or better visuals? 4K is, undoubtedly, better looking than traditional HD. It completely falls under better visuals. A better question would be 4K or better overall performance. My answer to that would be: I think it depends on the game. I would totally like it better if Destiny 2 ran at 60fps than if it was 30 again with 4K. Dishonored 2 would be fine at 30 though and so I'd rather have 4K for that. The new Mass Effect, although I hope they follow in ME3's footsteps and make the combat amazing, would also be fine at 30fps and is a very good example of where 4K would be insanely awesome.

Lol the reason people were saying HD didn't "look better" is because when it was being introduced, people didn't know the different between 720 and 1080p, and also NOTHING WAS IN NATIVE HD! Cable was still SD, and the original Xbox couldn't do HD lol.

4k probably looks a lot better than 1080p, but with technologies like downsampleing, I expect a lot of people to stick with a 1080p display and just downscale games from 4k, as long as those particular games can run @ 60.

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Should support upscaling to 4k for the future.

But not native 4k. They should have better graphics at 1080. A lot better.

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Separately, Vice this summer is launching five gaming documentaries, sponsored by Taco Bell.

This might be enough to entice @danryckert to jump over as well!!

Lol I'm sure Dan loves GB, but if this opportunity came his way he'd use Instant Transmission to get there faster.

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That's a huge bummer. Hopefully he'll still join Powerbombcasts though!

GB East will have a huge hole without Austin. He was an esstional piece of the puzzle to GB East's chemistry.

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@effache said:
@sterling said:

It was crazy how people kept dying in the game, and no one acknowledged it.

I was thinking that originally but by the end it started to feel more campy, like a big wipeout in skate or something.

The first casualty in the trailer was the most extreme by far. Everything's campy and then suddenly a crash and scream accentuates the trailer.

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If you played Persona 4 and want the Persona 4 conviences (such as controlled party members), then you want Persona 3 Portable.

If you want more challenge, and the occasional rage at your party member for using stupid ass status spells when they could be healing, then play FES. Also, FES has actual cutscenes and whatnot.

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@mezza said:

Break my legs. Actually getting stuff done and built in a timely manner is important, and it would take me longer to learn how to build with my feet than to crawl around with my arms.

The biggest two advantages I can think of for having your legs are being able to travel easier and escaping a predator or some kind of danger. After thinking about it, you'd want to stay put anyway unless you could just walk to safety. And if I did get chased by something or have to escape a danger I'd probably get caught legs or no legs. I'm a good runner but not good enough to outrun something in unfamiliar territory.