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Fez 2 might actually be made now

Tho I think he's trolling

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Glad to see that Charlie keeps getting more work with his acting gig as "Yu Narukami".

Yu is obviously Japanese for Charlie.

Also, why does Yu get all the attention? If you've ever finished Persona 3, you'd know how badass Minato is.

Well, the persona 3 MC is totally dead so I'd imagine thats why.

omg spoilerz

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"Let's go Cena!" Kid wins Summerslam that kid never gave up, even after 16 suplexs, he never gave up.

TBH I was expecting the Cena comeback as well ._.'

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"Let's Go Cena" kid is in my fav five

I hope he's crying now after giving me a headache with his screeching!

Also holy fuck at them letting Cena get massacred like that! How can Reigns beat that lol?

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Gvn't there's stupid. They should just negotiate and get the problem over with.

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PT will have nothing to do with Silent Hills.

Tho if it does, they better work on the puzzles.

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This seems like a story where two sides behaving incredibly stupidly and the internet mobs are rushing to snap decisions, largely on the lines of preexisting political biases. Generally liberal and don't like cops? You are probably siding with protesters. Generally conservative and believe in "strong law enforcement"? You probably think the guy had it coming, and the cops have behaved appropriately.

For all we know at this point, the police officer may have shot the man in a perfectly legal manner, right? If he is in fact telling the truth and the guy reached for his gun the cop can't be expected to do anything else. However, the protesters surrendered the moral high ground when all the riots began. When convenience stores are being burned to the ground or otherwise completely vandalized, what kind of gear do you expect the cops to come out in the next day? They dressed appropriately for the job. That doesn't excuse their behavior. It's totally fucked how the cops are behaving like the Gestapo and arresting journalists.

The victim's friend says that the officer shot him eight times, front and back, including the head. If that turns out to be accurate "he was trying to take my gun" isn't much of an excuse at that point, even if it were true. The police are there to stop criminals, not to execute them. And I say that as a "generally conservative" individual.

I'm not automatically siding with the police regarding the aftermath, either. While I'm sure many are just following orders and trying to keep the peace, it's extremely debatable how appropriate--or effective--their actions have been as a whole.

It's not unheard of for witnesses to lie, especially if they want to get the cops in trouble. All we as the general public have right now as evidence are two sides saying different things, right? The autopsy will reveal a lot of information so there is no need to rely on heresy and speculation. I'm a big opponent of police brutality, but if somebody is on the verge of overpowering a police officer and attempting to take their gun I expect that police officer to shoot that individual as a matter of protecting themselves and the public. That doesn't have anything to do with execution. Now if the police officer fills their body full of bullets that is excessive for sure, and should be treated as such.

This. There was 1 witness, the guy's friend. If he didn't hate the police before, he does now after seeing his friend get killed by them (regardless of wheather he deserved it).

1 witness shouldn't be enough for a verdict. They'll need lots of other evidence.

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It's civil unrest. People are unhappy with the world and this is what happens.

Real cause or not it's similar to the Rodney King riots- which I remember well.

If you think living in the US means these things don't happen you haven't been paying attention. This isn't new. It's just life repeating itself.

Wrong. This is people trying to prevent mistakes from the past from rearing their heads. Namely, discrimination. If a white guy died, I doubt the riots would have been so significant, but we were assholes to minorities in the past, and rightfully they are concerned about that happeneing again.

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Is Bioware making Inquisition more like Origins, or more action based like DA2? I admit I'm behind on the trailers, but even if I watched them, I'm sure some of you have delved far more into interviews and such, so how's Inquisition shaping up?

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Dragon Age. Although I played lots of Witcher 1 (loved it, but never finished it) I never got into Witcher 2.

Also I'm hoping that DA-Inq is like Origins, because I finished Origins twice, so I want more of that >_>