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need bombcast now

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Dan's a great fit. He was on almost all of the wrestling podcasts. We needed another guy on staff that knows wrestling! ALso seems charismatic enough.

Dunno the other guy.

That said, who gives a shit that they hired white men? There's no discrimination going on; it's just that white men tend to be industry veterans, as women/minorities are just coming into the field.

GS has a gay dude and a woman, so unless Jeff posts that he hates women/minorities, then there's nothing wrong here.

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@humanity said:

Man you guys seriously don't play any games all year long and then just buy them in bulk twice a year? Those lists are kinda nuts to me.

No, we play games but just stock up a couple times a year, during big sales :D

Gotta spend the rest of the year playing them!

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@mcfart: I bought it so that's 6.


But still a bummer that Capcom didn't localize this. I feel that their marketing is pretty poor besides Street Fighter (but really, the competitive scene does most of their marketing for them)

Ghost Trick and AAI should've sold more then they did...

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I've played through the first case so far with the patch and the team did a great job with the translation, they even recorded English voices for the new characters. The original Investigations is my least favorite Ace Attorney game but the sequel does seem to be an improvement so far. Looking forward to playing more.

2014 is shaping up to be a great year for DS fan translations with a lot of major games, like 7th Dragon and Retro Game Challenge 2, getting patches in the last few months.

The game doesn't even start until case 3! Hoowee, that was like a final case in most previous AA games.

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@corruptedevil said:

Here's a link to it if anyone wants it.

Cuz who knows/wants to play an Ace Attorney game?

Then again, very few since AA1 sold like crap over here. Wonder if the 3DS Phoenix Wright sold more then 5 copies?

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I just wanted to throw out that this game was recently fully translated a group of fans of the series! If saying this breaks any rules somehow, then delete this topic please, but the game is amazing! Way better then Ace Attorney Investigations 1 imo. The new characters it brings in are generally really good (unlike most of AA1's new characters except for Lang and Badd), and it even provides backstory for older characters. Oh and the cases are great >_>. The translation's good too, but unlike Capcom localisations it doesn't have awesome Americanized jokes obviously, so that's my only quip. But the translation quality is beary good.

TLDR: Play AAI2!

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That he never needs to watch wrestling to keep informed for the wrestling podcast. He just needs to watch the RAW highlights at It's like WWE abridged, no commurcials. Skip the random midcard matches.

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No reason why Vinny can't do one with Alex in New York, at least once they have everything set up.

Alex is weird/funny in a different way than Drew. A way that works better in writing, I love the guy but he just doesn't really excel on video/podcasts. Not saying he's terrible, but he's just okay.

Alex is fun when talking about wrestling.