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@halim51: Yes, the level of you're protagonist carries over from your first play through as well as the persona compendium, money, and I believe equipment.

Also, if I remember correctly, a new, high-level dungeon opens up almost immediately for you to grind out your party member's levels.

Also, your parties exp is relative to your level, assuming they are fighting with you.

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It seems as though the writer was slightly misguided on the actual struggles of the character in question. Naoto was not exactly a transgender, in fact her entire conflict in the main story was accepting her identity as a woman. I cannot see how the writer of this post found the material "oppressive", as he puts it. Throughout Naoto's storyline, as well as the rest of the game, the main characters offer nothing but encouragement to the struggling character. Even when it is revealed the truth of her gender becomes known to the entire school, there is not one scene in which she is insulted or ridiculed for her identity. If there was, it would completely go against the positive, accepting themes of the game.

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Inigo Montoya

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Awesome! Both the Japanese and English voice cast are exceptional. I'll probably end up setting it to the Japanese voices due to the cast changes, however.

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234) Don't feed the Sabre Cat, that is all