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What's up? Been mostly out of the loop for a while, watching videos when I can and listening to the Bombcast. But one thing had me interested in E3 and that was the prospect of a Fallout 4 announcement.

I have not had time to watch any of the GB E3 content yet, and I'm saving up the podcasts for a trip I'm taking next week. So I'll ask you duders, what's the word on Fallout 4? Anything? Even a denial of its existence? It's obviously not been revealed but has there been any good speculation?

It takes a lot for me to get excited about games anymore and the prospect of a new Fallout feels like the only thing that can get me to freak out about a game.

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Someone should tell him that Bayonetta's new mom hair is junk.

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Been listening to the GOTY podcasts and I started to really notice how much of a counterbalance Ryan was to Jeff. He is still missed.

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because open wheel racing

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@subjugation: Hehe, thanks. Haven't listen to much Jpop since way back in the days of Kahimi Kari, Pizzicato 5 and Puffy Ami Yumi, but this is all cool to see.

@wemibelec90: Fun list and interesting listen. First time I've seen that new SNSD. Pretty good. Guess I'm still a little in love with Sunny and Taeyeon. lol

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9 was a complete bore. 8 all the way.


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Yes, but it's so much harder than Dark Souls. Never did finish it.

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You know a thread is good when the terms 'straw man' and 'ad hominem' start getting thrown around like it's a junior year debate class.

Yeah, especially when they aren't even used correctly.

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I believe playing a game while doing commentary should fall under fair use. It is not just a movie that is running exactly the same every time. Not only does how the gamer play the game change the experience to their own to some extent, but if they are adding live commentary about what is happening, then it is like a running review of the game as it is being played.

I have bought so many games in the past few years because of GB Quick Looks and other gamers on youtube that it is ridiculous. If game companies shut this down, then they are out of touch assholes and are shooting themselves in the foot.

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Well fuck whoever did this.