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@dougcl said:

I don't understand the new Submission minigame. Which color is which player?

I believe the person applying the submission is red, and the person trying to escape is blue.

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@towolie said:

good question, i so far have not found a easy to use list ( want one! )

also no lego love at all on this site? after all of the infinity and skylanders video's i'm a bit surprised...

Jeff said on the most recent Bombcast that they were not sent a copy of the game, so that would be why they haven't done any coverage.

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@noah_n_bridger said:

It's weird to me we haven't gone all digital yet. I can order toilet paper and food to my door but you want me to go pick up a physical game?

I'm just saying.

A lot of people don't have the speed to be downloading files the size of current generation games, not to mention that for a lot of people, bandwidth caps are a very real thing.

We've since upgraded to get rid of it (an option not everyone has), but when I got the Xbox One at launch, I had a 60GB/month bandwidth cap. My Forza 6 download yesterday (and today, because it was still going this morning when I went to work, because again, speed is an issue for a lot of people as well) was 48GB.

If I still had that bandwidth cap, all digital would never have happened for me.

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It's worth noting as well, I've seen some people say that if you buy that Madden Xbox One bundle at Gamestop, not only do you get a physical copy of the game instead of digital, but you also don't get the EA Access subscription code that you get everywhere else.

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I don't even know that the deadline for submitting panels for PAX has passed, so there won't be word on a schedule for at least a month, or so. It's usually early August.

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I have a handfull of physical games for the current systems (I have all three) from before we upgraded our internet package to get rid of our bandwidth cap, but the majority of my current gen collection now is digital.

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Been a subscriber for a few years now, and I never knew about that Fortune Street video. That sounds like something I would very much enjoy watching. Going to have to start that today while I work, after I finish this WWE Network Chris Jericho podcast from last night that I've been watching today.

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I've pre-ordered a copy on the Xbox One. I've kind of exhausted the Forza games on the system, so I'm excited to get my hands on this.

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@tajasaurus said:

Did Ziggler say something controversial on Smackdown?

I keep seeing vague tweets about it but I don't care enough to watch it and find out

He took a (most likely scripted) shot at Punk. Something about how he didn't want to be sitting at home on a podcast, or something like that. I aldo didn't care enough to watch it to find out, so I'm going by what I've read online.

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@killer2m8o I think the simple explanation to that is that the vast majority of people who want to play a simulation racing game want to race on real world tracks, because they want to simulate actual racing, and actual racing takes place on race tracks.