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Downloaded Dance Central Spotlight because I had always wanted to play the Dance Central series, but never had a Kinect. While I'm really enjoying Spotlight, I do wish there were more songs to play. I know Harmonix has said that the DLC would carry over eventually, but....

Will there be a way to get any/all songs from the first games? Like if i bought one of the old games could I do a license transfer of sorts and get those songs in Spotlight?

I kinda just want to buy a huge bundle of songs instead of buying random songs in the Spotlight store for $2 a piece.

No. There is no export from the older discs to Spotlight.

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I played it once, and ended up coming in second. Not really planning on going back to it anytime soon.

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Another tip I would add is to put a bit of work into your Divas card, because I find most of the people I face just use a random common Diva card, and having one that's leveled up a bit is a win nine times out of ten.

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The Rock - Rare - Level 1

Big John Studd - Super Rare - Level 0 (Just got both of those two recently)

David Otunga - Rare - Level 0

Bad News Barrett - Rare - Level 7

AJ Lee - Uncommon - Level 7

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Thought we could share tips on some strategies we have for the game.

1. When people choose to battle you, they'll see your "champion" (avatar). This can often give away what your best card is since the impulse is to select that as your champion. Use this to your advantage by setting something useless as your avatar, hiding your best card from any challengers. Don't give your opponents free intel.

So, you're saying my common Bo Dallas was a good pick?

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Cool to see that it's adding a weather system. Would be nice to see that get used in the main series with Forza 6.

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I hardly understood any of what I just read, but I was super fascinated by every word of it.

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Call of Duty for me. No question.

I generally try not to be one of those people that bashes the series, as they seem to still be generally well made games, and clearly a lot of people still like the series, but between tiring of playing it year, after year, and just a general decrease in having people to play multiplayer games with, my interest in that series is pretty much down to zero.

Occasionally I see a piece of footage that looks fun, and it makes me want to try out whatever the latest game in the series is, but I know I'd play it for like an hour, then never touch it again.

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@donpixel said:

@mcmax3000 said:

I haven't, and very rarely, if ever, will. I understand why people didn't like what Microsoft was proposing, and I'm fine with the fact that they changed it back (though not having to switch discs would've been really nice), but it never really bothered me personally.

Yeah me to, anyway: just buy your stuff digitally, i bought BF4, Ryze and DR3 from the store. Works like a charm.

I wish I could, but bandwidth caps suck.

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As I expected, I was the only person that put Powerstar Golf on their list. The other game I expected to be alone on (MLB 13: The Show), surprisingly had two other votes.

Great list overall. Not one I personally agree with (I actively disliked most of Bioshock: Infinite), but as an overall consensus, a good list.