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Not worth the money 0

This new installment in the Halo 3 game, The Mythic Map Pack, was released a while back now so i don't think anybody will read this but for anybody that reads this i want to warm them that this DLC is not worth the buy. Unless you are a huge fan of Forging maps to play Custom Games, which makes Sandbox your kind of map, than there is nothing worth spending money on because all of these maps are horrible for multi-player because they are small and not very creative maps. They don't have what good...

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awesome 0

This map pack is all around a very good buy. All of the maps included in this map pack are very fun to play on Hardcore Search and Destroy and Hardcore Headquarters game modes. Although in death  match all three of the new maps are very bad for death match and other non Hardcore game modes. These maps are still worth the buy even though the price is a little bit high for a game add on it is worth it in the long run especially if your friends buy it as well ! ...

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Improvements needed 0

This all around was a very good game but it could be much better. I loved the Multiplayer idea of doing freeskate activities with friends but after i finished that the game became very boring. It lacked in replay value because once beating the online activities and campaign there was nothing else to look for funwise. Hopefully with new game modes being added to Skate 3 it will improve the replay value but other than that problem this was overall a very good game. ...

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Final Fantasy review 0

I traded in three games in order to purchase Final Fantasy and honestly i wish i could get those games back. The cut scenes and graphics throughout the game are incredible but the combat could be a lot better than it is ! The combat is very boring and i was very disappointed by this game for all the hype it was given. ...

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review of flower. 0

 So i am taking Journalism next year so you better listen to what i have to say in this review. This is probably the least fun game i have ever played. All you do is control a flower and fly around with it. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT ALL ABOUT. i would rather blow a guy then play this game and i am straight. Sal Gugino recommended this game to me and right now i just want to go to his house and stick flowers up his asshole.. fucking asshole. OK SO DONT BUY THIS GAME UNLESS YOU WANT TO PLAY THE WORST ...

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