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They uploaded it, but it was cut short and had de-synch issues. They took it down and I'm sure they're working on getting it back up

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Haha, alright. It just took me a minute to figure out why the password wasn't working.

Listening to the episode now, though. Thanks for all the work you do on these shows, really great stuff.

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I'm really happy about/excited for this.

You know that's not his actual middle name though, right?

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Groundhog Day and Singin' in the Rain

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People complaining about Frog Fractions coming out of nowhere is giving me strong flashbacks to when Esperanza Spalding beat Justin Bieber at the Grammys and all the Bieber fans cried bullshit because they'd never heard of her.

In other words, I can't stop laughing and I love it.

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Spoon (7 albums) is the most consistent band in modern rock 'n roll. (Damn, got snatched while I was writing this. Whatever.)

And The Mountain Goats (14 albums) are the most consistent band in whatever it is he does.

Seriously, not a dud anywhere in either of their discographies.

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No seriously you guys, the new Passion Pit album is actually really good.

Wait, where's everyone going....

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Japandroids' Celebration Rock five times.

It is the perfect album for summer times. And all other times.

But if I have to pick four more, it's Fiona Apple, Passion Pit, Purity Ring, and Dirty Projectors.

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Super Metroid


Accept no substitutes.

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I'm not going to lie, Will Smith went completely over my head the first, like, five times I saw him.

I'm dumb.

These are spectacular though.

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