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A story on today revealed that Beck has contributed 3 new songs to the Sound Shapes soundtrack: 'Cities,' 'Touch The People,' and 'Spiral Staircase.'

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I'm still playing Max Payne 3 online. It's pretty great. Thank you Rockstar Vancouver.

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Marathon reboot? Pants: creamed.

But man, I really hope they axed the Microsoft exclusivity. Let's let everyone have a little bit of Bungie.

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Crews are now live on the Rockstar social club. People can join it from there once the crew has been created. No need to exchange PSN IDs and gamer tags.

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I tried re-adding the account a few times and it's still behaving the same. I'll let it simmer for a week and see what happens.

UPDATE: I removed my Steam account, which allows me to see my place in the queue for adding my PSN account. Three days ago I was 7013th in the queue and today I'm 7010th.

DAY 4: Still 7010th. This could take a while.

UPDATE: Had a friend add his PSN ID and it synced pretty quickly for him. So, I'm guessing that I'm running into problems because I have an unusually high number of trophies.

FINAL UPDATE, APRIL 11: It was still not done as of today, so I killed it, started over, and it worked! Thank you CBS!

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I added my PSN account (McP485) two days ago and my Achievements page still says "Still grabbing data". I looked at a few other users and see that their trophies have updated within the last couple of days, so the problem might be that I have a relatively high number of trophies (8700+).

Best regards,

- McP

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I'm have a PS3 and don't have a 360. While I think the OP overstates a lot of things, I do listen to a lot of the same podcasts and have noticed that for multi-platform games, the editors/podcasters tend to play the 360 versions of games. It's kind of a bummer, but I also think it's understandable (it came out first, Live ultimately has better features, etc). I, too, would probably favor the platform that I have more friends on.
I do find it remarkable that the failure rate of the 360 hardware didn't cause a mass-migration over to the PS3. Sony should have dropped the PS3 price the second that shit started happening.

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I recommend that people try the multiplayer if they haven't already.  I still have a lot of fun with it, and having the new maps will have me coming back for the rest of the summer.

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The ones I'm missing that haven't been mentioned yet are:
G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

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From twitter: "You know @ andymccurdy is working on new achievement code when he cusses at the screen all day. Sony stuff coming soon".  Hmm?

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