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I never met Ryan in person, but his voice and personality have been a part of my life for many years now. Hearing of this awful tragedy... I just don't want to believe it. I can't imagine how those of you out there close to Ryan are feeling - I hope that you are all finding your way through this.

Someone told me once that the people we love are only ever loaned to us, and someday we have to give them back. The sad part is we never see that day coming. It's heart warming amidst this tragedy to see the community come together to celebrate Ryan's spirit, which will remain with us the rest of our lives - as long as we remember.

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Its funny that lots of people agree that this is offensive, as its highly probable no one was actually offended by it. Who gives a shit. Im sure the simulated violence of the product it is promoting would have more impact on our frail wee society than a facebook death threat for having a small weener. Unless of course, you're weener is really small.

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I got this game a few months ago - i played it for one afternoon then stopped, not sure why! I need to fire it up soon!