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Fuck yeah Tom Fulp. I don't think the guy gets enough credit for Newgrounds. That place was doing user generated content before anything on the likes of Youtube.

That place really was a community of creativity. I don't visit it anymore, apart from a peek at the programming forum, but I still see its influence today. Most of the people I talk to around my age and in my sphere of work, if they have some sort of design, game or animation talent you can always trace their roots back to Newgrounds.

Hope that Newgrounds keeps creating!

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I hope GiantBomb supports WebM in future. Only for moral grounds.

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Considering the primary reason I visit GiantBomb is for the video content I would have to say no.

1. For bandwidth and connectivity issues

2. For screen size issues

If a GiantBomb App existed which focused primarily on the wiki / database content I think it would be far

more appropriate.

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Wow that's cool. When I get some free time this is something I'd like to play around with.

(I love node.js)

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@dcgc said:

oh god my eyes

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But then, they'd have to say that anyway. If they said they hated the way it's come about, they'd get stick from the new bosses.

I don't want to speculate how Norm and Will feel. If they say they are happy with it then I guess they would be. If what you imply is the
case, that would unfortunately mean that Will and Norm have zero integrity.

For me this is difficult situation to understand, was this a choice made by WhiskeyMedia or by Will and Norm?

I can only approach this situation as a fan of tested. I like Will and Norm and I go to tested because of them. They are what tested are about for me.
I don't care in the slightest about mythbusters. So site being sold off to mybusters (that's what the branding seriously implies) is a real slap in the face.

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@ludorverr said:

You guys are tearing Will apart! I can almost see his raw heart.

Wow that's hard to read.

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Actually quite saddened to see what has happened to

I'm sure Will and Norm can do a lot more fun stuff but I still think this is a kick in the teeth to their fans.

It's hard to describe it as anything other than selling out. I hope GiantBomb doesn't go that way

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I knew something was weird as soon as Jeff said "CBS family of websites!" with a positive tone. Everything I've come to know about that guy in the last three and a half years says he hates the phrase 'family of websites'. It's like he was replaced by his corporate doppelgänger Geoff Gertzman.

I felt the same way. As a GiantBomb fan I don't really understand why 'CBS family' should appeal to me.

Well.. it's great until its not. WISDOM.