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@eezo said:
" Weeelll i read the other day that the swedish dude behind Minecraft was takin a trip to Valve so we might be seeing minecraft on the source engine... would be cool i guess =) also HL2 E3 would be insane! "
I doub't the source engine can make infinite worlds. I would imagine it will still be Java based.
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I doub't you can get viruses by just visiting websites. Most of those sites get passwords by phishing with a fake login.

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Yeah I would consider myself a programmer.  Did a year of Java and  Im gonna be doing some c# and .net but I would like to get into some Python.
Now im shifting focus to web development. AJAX, JS & PHP/MySQL etc.
Im working with the EVE-Online api at the moment and probably will look into Giantbombs when I'm done with that. Just for learning purposes though.
My biggest short coming however is god damn CSS. One day I will sit down and really master it. Not exactly logical but rather remembering the page flow and various properties.
edit: oh and some as3

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Black Rock Depths and Deadmines.

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Poll seems pretty biased.
Of course I want it to be kit based and 64 players.

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Privacy is golden.

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Im thinking of re-subbing - right now im messing around on a trial account to see if its worth it. Would be nice to fly with some GB people.

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Metro 2033

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@tdk08: Ok thanks!
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 I understand you need a Gold Account to race online against other players. However I was wondering if things like setting up a storefront and downloading
skins can be done on a silver account?