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I've lurked these forums since day 1 of GiantBomb and I've never really felt like posting anything for all these years since I came across your post

I've been all over the world - from Switzerland to Kuwait to China, but Vietnam stands above all else for me. Its a wonderfully colorful country with awesome sites and experiences

Now when I've gone I've had the advantage of being able to stay there with family of my good friend (he was born there) or with friends I know that live over there. As such, I really have never stayed in a hotel and I've been able to aviod the cheap touristy crap that others might get stuck in. As interesting as it is to be hassled by shirt peddlers in Ben Thanh market with all the other tourists - the true charm of VN comes across by wandering the streets of Da Nang, enjoying the beautiful flower groves in Da Lat, or just spending a lazy evening in the village of Dong Thap in the Mekong Delta.

Of course this isnt to blow off cities such as Sai Gon with its countless things to do any given day or going to Hue to see the old imperial city (even though the government has left it in a sorry state.) I would say also go to Nha Trang - even though its beaches tend to be more cigarette butts than sand sometimes, go to Vinpearl Land if you want to see a vietnamese take on a amusement park/resort, just to say you have...

I would say avoid places like Hoi An, which may be a beautiful city, is almost nothing but resorts and shops created to sell trinkets to westerners.

Unfortunately in the times I've been over there I have yet to see the top half of the country, so I cannot speak for places like Ha Noi or Ha Long Bay - even though they look wonderful

Of course I've gone to most of these places with the safety net of having someone that at least speaks the language fluently, so choosing where to go should be determined by how adventurous you are, but for the most part use common sense about which streets you go down and at what time of the day and you should be fine. VN is a fairly safe country, but pick pocketing is of course a big thing over there, and I'm going to assume you are not ethnically Vietnamese so you are going to stand out over there and be an obvious mark for people looking for a new phone, camera or wallet.

I hope this rambling post helps you get a little inspiration for your own trip to the far side of the world

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I came out of my years of lurking around GB just to say that artgarcrunkle is laying down some serious real talk.

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Why does he have to have a turban - why not give him the same hair cut Chris Tucker had in the Fifth Element (
And while we are at why don't we not give him the ability to cover himself in oil by doing the SRK motion + K because you know - that would be fun yea? 
Even more fun would be to make his QCF + P a dive in which his oiled body slides across the ground and knocks people down - and can finish off with a butt slam - YEA FUN! 
Speaking of butt slam he should be friends with E Honda, and by friends I mean rivals. 
Finally he should have his second ultra be where he douses himself in even more oil and lays on his back because you's fun...
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"Daily Game: Talk less.. Listen and Observe more.. Thats why you have TWO eyes and ears.. and only one mouth." Ice T Oct 6th  "
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Mr. Yuck... 
Or "DJ-dick-stuck-in-suspenders" works fine also.

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Man I hope I didn't come in at an awkward time - but yes, I got auto-start disabled on my PS3.

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Non-gaming discussion in a gaming forum - this will work.

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Sups - whats going on?

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I've been lurking around since day 1 and I knew people like Levio91 got the axe but I didnt know about biff - he was a true hero.