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I came out of my years of lurking around GB just to say that artgarcrunkle is laying down some serious real talk.

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Why does he have to have a turban - why not give him the same hair cut Chris Tucker had in the Fifth Element (
And while we are at why don't we not give him the ability to cover himself in oil by doing the SRK motion + K because you know - that would be fun yea? 
Even more fun would be to make his QCF + P a dive in which his oiled body slides across the ground and knocks people down - and can finish off with a butt slam - YEA FUN! 
Speaking of butt slam he should be friends with E Honda, and by friends I mean rivals. 
Finally he should have his second ultra be where he douses himself in even more oil and lays on his back because you's fun...
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"Daily Game: Talk less.. Listen and Observe more.. Thats why you have TWO eyes and ears.. and only one mouth." Ice T Oct 6th  "
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Mr. Yuck... 
Or "DJ-dick-stuck-in-suspenders" works fine also.

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Man I hope I didn't come in at an awkward time - but yes, I got auto-start disabled on my PS3.

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Non-gaming discussion in a gaming forum - this will work.

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Sups - whats going on?

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I've been lurking around since day 1 and I knew people like Levio91 got the axe but I didnt know about biff - he was a true hero.

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So the RACE series is not considered the king of racing games?