Rest in Peace Ryan Davis

I don't remember why I stumbled upon Gamespot or why I decided to click on 'On the Spot', but nine years ago the likes of Jeff, Ryan, and Brad made me laugh so much that at 13 years old, I cared enough to make my first account for any website. The quick wit of Ryan and the other guys kept me coming back year after year. They would continued with their vision that would later become GiantBomb. They gave me a real feel for who they were as people and gave us a view of the fun in their lives. What I saw I deeply admired. It's odd that even though I'm simply a fan, they could let all of us feel welcome and their friend.

Ryan always seemed like the voice of the group. Directing things, moving the conversations, funny as hell, and with the best damn segue's that had ever graced my ears, I could always tell Ryan wanted to make sure things were both done right and were hilarious. Ryan has made me laugh so much that I couldn't count them all and I always thought I'd be listening him. But losing something so simple as an entertainer that did nothing more than show us who he really is has felt like a giant loss that many others probably feels as well. Ryan showed a lot of things about me over years, probably because I realized my humor was actually most like his in the crew. Sarcastic and sharp, Ryan would say an insult that always followed with the greatest honest smile. Ryan had some unbelievable tact that I really enjoyed and envied. Ryan knew how to have fun and not care about the silly things, but enjoy the dumb ones. Ryan just wanted to have fun and you could see it in that giant smile and contagious laugh.

God speed Ryan Davis. You were an inspiration, an icon, and a friend to all your fans.

-Robert Quinn

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Hitting a dry spell

I feel like I'm hitting a dry spell with games.  I always feel like playing them, but never want to sit down and play it.  I feel like I just like knowing about games more than actually playing it, a habit that the GB guys probably have created with stupid antics like the endurance run and such.  GB is definitely the problem.  I haven't been like this since I first started going to GS and first followed the guys.  I am really needing some spare change badly and really need Bad Company 2 or a something new.


The Big Bomb Blowout

Does the title make this sound good or bad?  Well whatever the giant bomb is really fun.  It is so easy to keep going and going  in the database.  I've lost any enthusiasm for GS, but this site rocks.  So thats it for now.  I guess I'll keep building up this site.